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子产和鱼 子产是约2500年前春秋时期郑国的一位政治家。孔子曾高度评价过他的智慧。子产是如此的聪明和善良,至今中国的老百姓都非常尊崇他。他济贫并救人于危难,喜欢行善,特别是从不杀生。 Zi Chan was a statesman who lived in Zheng during the Spring and Autumn period, some 2,500 years ago. Confucius praised his wisdom highly. Zi Chan was so smart and so kind that Chinese people still honor him today. He helped the poor and rescued those in danger. He enjoyed doing good, and in particular, he never liked to kill anything. 一天,一个朋友送给子产几条活鱼。这些鱼很肥,看起来味道鲜美,肯定会做成一道美味。子产收到礼物时,非常感激朋友对他的关怀。他高高兴兴地收下了礼物,然后吩咐仆人。 One day a friend sent him a present, several live fish. They were fat and looked delicious. They would certainly make a delicious meal! When Zi Chan received this gift, he was very grateful that his friend was so thoughtful. He accepted the gift happily. Then he called his servant. “把这些鱼放到院子里的鱼池里。” "Take these fish and put them in the fishpond in the yard." 他的仆人说:“老爷,这种鱼是鲜有的美味。如果将它们放到鱼池中,池里的水又不象山间小溪那样清澈,鱼肉就会变得不松软,味道也就不会那么好了。您应该马上吃掉它们。” His servant said, "Master, this kind of fish is a rare delicacy. If you put them in the fishpond, the water is not as clear as a mountain stream's, so their flesh will not be as soft, and they will not taste as good. You should eat them right away." 子产笑了,“这里我说了算。照我说的做。我怎么会因为贪图美味就杀掉这些可怜无辜的鱼呢?我是不忍心那样做的。” Zi Chan smiled, "I am the boss here. Do as you are told. How could I murder these poor, innocent fish just for the sake of their taste? I couldn't bear to do that." 仆人只得遵照命令。当她把鱼倒回池中时,她对鱼儿说:“你们真幸运埃如果你们被送给别人,那么你们现在已经在锅中受煎熬了!” The servant had to obey orders. As she poured the fish into the pond, she told them, "You sure are lucky fish! If you had been given to anybody but my master, you would already be cooking in the wok by now!" ZI CHAN AND THE FISH 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20121206/96875.html