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Ⅰ Life English Talking about time 1. How are we doing for time? Do we have time for that? How much time do we have left? Are we on schedule? Do we have time? Are we making good time? 2. Times flies by too quickly. Time passes by too swiftly. Time waits for no man. Enjoy life while you’re still young. Don’t miss any opportunity. Don’t pass up any good chances. 3. Time is important. Time is valuable. Time is precious. Do as much as you can every day. Take every opportunity and chance given to you. Don’t waste any time. Ⅱ Presentation Topics Motivating staff WHAT IS IMPORTANT WHEN…? MOTIVATING STAFF l FINANCIAL BENEFITS l CAREER DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES WHAT IS IMPORTANT WHEN…? INTRODUCING A REWARD SYSTEM FOR STAFF l PURPOSE OF THE REWARD SYSTEM l TYPES OF REWARD OFFERED WHAT IS IMPORTANT WHEN…? AIMING TO REDUCE STAFF TURNOVER l FINANCIAL INCENTIVES l CAREER STRUCTURE Key points: Financial benefits; Career development/structure; reduce staff turnover 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20151015/286525.html