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BBC news. Hello, I'm John Shay. The traditional two-party system of Spanish politics has been shaken up by the success of two new movements in the country's general elections. With nearly all votes counted, the governing Popular Party is forecast to lose its parliamentary majority while still winning most seats. The Socialist Party finished second, closely followed by the anti-autsterity party Podemos which won about 20 percent. It's pony-tailed leader Pedro Sanchez said it was the beginning of a new political era. Today is an historic day for Spain. We're very happy for the fact that in Spain, the tone, the two-party system is ended and we're happy because we are starting a new political era in our country. The results mean that Spain's political parties are set for days or even weeks of difficult negotiations. The new groupings of Podemos and the Citizen's Party will play an important role in deciding the make-up of any government. The conservative Popular Party will still fall short of a majority in parliament even with the support of Citizen's Party which finished fourth. Tom Barrage reports from Madrid. The prime minister Mariano Rajoy just came out and said because his Popular Party got the most votes, they should form a government. But on paper at least, it's gonna be difficult for them to do that. And that leaves open the possibilities at least of a different type of coalition of left-wing parties, possibly with the support of pro-independence Catalan Parties. It would be messy. But it will include that anti-austerity movement Podemos. They have reason to this incredible position tonight, third in the election because of their anti-austerity ticket. Dozens of people have been killed in northwest Syria in a series of air strikes on the rebel held city of Idlib. Residents said that a market place, homes and official buildings have been hit. But a group that monitors the conflict, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the raids probably targeted rebel positions and that most of the dead were combatants. The Israeli Interior Minister Silvan Shalom has resigned following allegations of sexual misconducts. Newspaper reports said about a dozen women had complained of sexual harassment or assault by Mr. Shalom. He has denied the allegations but said he was stepping down to spare his family any more suffering. Officials in Southern Afghanistan say Taliban militants have captured the district of Sangin in Helmand province. The insurgents have overrun the police headquarters and taken over other government offices. Grant Ferrett reports. Sangin has long been a center of Taliban activities but there has been a dramatic increase in the past week. The militant has said to have seized the district's administration offices as well as a police headquarters which had been besieged for several days. Causally is reported to be heavy but there is no official confirmation. Earlier the deputy governor of Helmand complained of a lack of support from the government in an open letter on Facebook to President Ashraf Ghani. This is the latest world news form the BBC. Peace talks to end Yemen's civil war have broken up with agreement only to resume in the mid-January. The UN special envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed told a news conference in Switzerland that progress has been achieved, but he said violations of the cease fire supposed to be in place during the talks had caused suspicion. The people of Slovenia have rejected a legislation that would grant same sex couples the rights to marry and adopt children. In a referendum, more than 60% said no to a law that had been approved by parliament in March. A gay rights activist Raymond Cougar said the referendum was a positive development in itself despite the outcome. Regard today's result, we have won in a social sense even we didn't win a legal one. We have won in a sense that we are talking about these things. We live in a country which doesn't guarantee everyone equal rights. In that sense, we are exceptional in society. We will have to ask ourselves in what kind of society we want to live and what kind of society we will leave our children. The Iranian government has ordered schools and kindergartens in and around the capital Tehran to close for two days because of smog. Air pollution figures reached three times the level set by the World Health Organization as acceptable. The British tennis star Andy Murray has won the BBC's sport personality of the year award for the second time. Murray helped Great Britain to secure the Davis Cup last month for the first time in nearly 80 years. He and his colleagues won the team award. He had this to say in his acceptance speech. I would really like to thank my team, all of my teammates, all of the staff. They're over there. They were absolutely incredible. This has been a five-year journey. We were down really at the bottom level of tennis and we're ranked No.1 in the world. I never thought that would be possible. Andy Murray. And that's the latest BBC world news. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20151222/BBC-NEWS-2015-12-22.html