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实习生(The Intern) 第11期

当然 朱尔斯把酱油洒在她的圣劳伦斯夹克上了 Yes, Jules spilled soy sauce on her Saint Laurent jacket. 你能把夹克拿去照相部吗 Can you take it to the photo studio? 那里有很多清洁工 There's lots of cleaners and stuff in there. -当然能 它在哪 -她正穿着 -Sure, where is it? -She's wearing it. 他们想要我们考虑和一些... They would like us to consider the possibility... 好的 Okay. 有潜力的首席执行官会面的可能性 ...of meeting with some potential CEOs. 哇哦 Wow. 我没料到会这样 I did not see that coming. 为什么 呃 Why? Uh... 因为我商业运营的经验太欠缺了吗 Am I too inexperienced at running a business? 因为我不是哈佛生 I didn't go to Harvard? 因为我的方式方法并非照章办事 My methods aren't by the book? 我意思 我们不就是那样走到这步的吗 I mean, isn't that how we got here? 真的 Really? 我需要人来监管 I need adult supervision? 我们能做得更好吗 Could we be doing better? 我们用九个月达成了我们的五年目标 We hit our five-year goal in nine months. 没错 朱尔斯 我们没法跟上 Exactly. Jules, we can't keep up 成功的节奏 你知道的 with our own success. You know that. 每次会议 You're an hour late 你都迟到一个小时 我们把它叫做 to every meeting. We have a name for it, 朱尔斯标准时间 "Jules Standard Time." 听着 我理解 一天的时间如此有限 And look, I get it. There's only so many hours in the day. 我们都只是在赶时间 We're all playing catch-up. 我们的技术员 工作到凌晨两三点 Our tech guys work until 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. 客服忙不过来 Customer service is slammed. 我们快没库存了 We're running out of inventory. 我们存在运输问题和编程问题 We've got shipping issues and programing problems, 我们做得越大 and the bigger we get, 问题就会越复杂 the more complicated it's gonna get. 但刚创业不都这样吗 But isn't this what a startup is? 怎么了 What? 说啊 大家那么担心 在担心什么 Say it. What is everyone so worried about? 一切都进行得太快 这会夺去我们的成功 That it's all going too fast, and it could get away from us. 我们的投资者只是觉得一个资深的首席执行官 Our investors just think that a seasoned CEO 能帮你分担掉一些杂事 could take some things off your plate. 仅此而已 只是让你有时间做自己拿手的事 That's all. Just free you up to do what you do great. 你有想法了 You come up with the ideas, 就让别人来及时运作 and let somebody else make the trains run on time. 但是 卡梅隆 新来的人 But, Cameron, this new person, 会按自己的方式做事 they are going to want to do things their way. 确切地说 会变成我的上司 Technically, be my boss. 要是我得向别人汇报 I mean, how can I do what I do 靠这个人来运作每个想法 if I have to report to someone else, 我要怎么做自己的事 run every idea I have by this person? 你觉得行得通吗 And can you see that working? 吉尔特集团聘用了一名首席执行官 Well, Gilt Groupe brought in a CEO. 他们做得如何 How are they doing? 我去念首席执行官课程吧 I mean, get me CEO lessons, you know? 不好意思 Uh, excuse me.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/201608/The-Intern-11.html