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So we said, we'll, let's look at new cities, and we're involved 所以我们说,看看这些新城市 in a couple of new city projects in China. 我们也要在中国弄几个新城市出来 So we said, let's start with that neighborhood cell. 那我们就从社区单元开始着手吧 We think of it as a compact urban cell. 我们觉得这是一种紧凑的城市单元 So provide most of what most people want 这样大部分人就能在20分钟步程内 within that 20-minute walk. 满足生活所需 This can also be a resilient electrical microgrid, 这也能成为一种有弹性的微电网 community heating, power, communication networks, 社区供热网,电力网,通讯网 etc., can be concentrated there. 等等,都能集中在那儿 Stewart Brand would put a micro-nuclear reactor Stewart Brand很可能会在正中心 right in the center, probably. 建一个原子核反应堆。 And he might be right. 他或许是对的 And then we can form, in effect, a mesh network. 事实上,我们就能形成一个网状网络了 It's something of an Internet typology pattern, 这是一种类型学的互联网模式 so you can have a series of these neighborhoods. 所以我们有了这一系列的社区 You can dial up the density -- about 20,000 people per cell 你可以了解到人口密度,如果在剑桥 if it's Cambridge. Go up to 50,000 大概就是每个社区2万人。如果是在曼哈顿 if it's Manhattan density. You connect everything 这个数字就是5万。我们把那些 with mass transit and you provide most of what most people 大的中转点连接起来,这样单在社区里 need within that neighborhood. 就能满足很多人的需求了 You can begin to develop a whole typology of streetscapes 我们也能开创一个新的类型学 and the vehicles that can go on them. I won't go through 包含了街景和交通工具 all of them. I'll just show one. 我就不详讲,我就说一个方面 This is Boulder. It's a great example of kind of a mobility 这里是博尔德,它的驾车专用道路 parkway, a superhighway for joggers and bicyclists 还有跑步者和自行车者的高速公路,是很有代表性的 where you can go from one end of the city to the other 你可以顺着它横穿整个城市 without crossing the street, and they also have bike-sharing, 不用过马路,而且他们也有公共自行车 which I'll get into in a minute. 能让我很快就适应进去 This is even a more interesting solution in Seoul, Korea. 在韩国首尔,还有个更有趣的解决方案 They took the elevated highway, they got rid of it, 他们放弃了高架公路 they reclaimed the street, the river down below, 重新回到街道上,还有街道下面的小河流 below the street, and you can go from one end of Seoul 这样不用穿过马路 to the other without crossing a pathway for cars. 就能从首尔的一端到达另外一端 The Highline in Manhattan is very similar. 曼哈顿的高压线也是类似的情况 You have these rapidly emerging bike lanes 在全世界,我们拥有这种迅速面世的单车道 all over the world. I lived in Manhattan for 15 years. 我在曼哈顿住了15年 I went back a couple of weekends ago, took this photograph 上几个周末我回去了一趟 of these fabulous new bike lanes that they have installed. 给这些新建的漂亮的单车道拍了些照 They're still not to where Copenhagen is, where something 比起哥本哈根,仍有些差距 like 42 percent of the trips within the city 在哥本哈根,42%的路程都是在单车上的 are by bicycle. It's mostly just because they have 很有可能是他们那里 fantastic infrastructure there. 有更好的基础设施 We actually did exactly the wrong thing in Boston. 在波士顿我们完全做了错误的事 We -- the Big Dig -- (Laughter) 我们——那个大隧道——(笑声) So we got rid of the highway but we created a traffic island 我们是摆脱了高速公路,但我们也制造了交通岛 and it's certainly not a mobility pathway for anything 显然除了汽车,它还真的不适用于 other than cars. 其他的交通工具 Mobility on demand is something we've been thinking 我们一直在思考迫在眉睫的流动性问题 about, so we think we need an ecosystem 我们觉得我们需要一个公交生态系统 of these shared-use vehicles connected to mass transit. 他们可以将那些大的中转站给连接起来 These are some of the vehicles that we've been working on. 这些是我们目前着手的一些交通工具 But shared use is really key. If you share a vehicle, 公共使用是关键,如果我们共用一辆车 you can have at least four people use one vehicle, 那么相对一个人使用一辆车来说 as opposed to one. 这辆车的使用人数至少可以是四人 We have Hubway here in Boston, the V??lib' system in Paris. 在波士顿我们有Hubway自行车共享系統,在巴黎有Vélib系统 We've been developing at the Media Lab this little 我们在媒体实验室研发这种 city car that is optimized for shared use in cities. 城市小车,可以在城市充分共享使用 We got rid of all the useless things like engines 我们摒弃了那些没什么用处的东西,像引擎 and transmissions. We moved everything to the wheels, 还有传动装置,我们把一切都搬到轮子上 so you have the drive motor, the steering motor, 所以车上的轮子就集成有驱动马达,转向电机 the breaking all in the wheel. 和刹车系统 That left the chassis unencumbered, so you can do things 这使得底盘灵活不收阻碍,所以你可以 like fold, so you can fold this little vehicle up 进行底盘折叠,你可以把这辆小车折叠起来 to occupy a tiny little footprint. 使得占据的空间变得更小 This was a video that was on European television last week 这是上周在欧洲电视台上播放的一个视频 showing the Spanish Minister of Industry driving 讲了西班牙的工业部长开着 this little vehicle, and when it's folded, it can spin. 这辆小车,而且当它折叠起来时,它还可以旋转 You don't need reverse. You don't need parallel parking. 无需退车,也无需平行泊车 You just spin and go directly in. 你只要旋转一下,直接开进去就行了。 So we've been working with a company to 所以我们已经在和一家公司合作 commercialize this. My PhD student Ryan Chin presented 将它商业化。我的博士生Ryan Chin these early ideas two years ago at a TEDx conference. 两年前在TEDx的一个大会上提出了这个想法 So what's interesting is, then if you begin to add 更有趣的是,你会开始不断为它增加 new things to it, like autonomy, you get out of the car, 新的东西,像自动化,你走出这部车 you park at your destination, you pat it on the butt, 想要停在指定位置,你就拍下它的屁屁 it goes and it parks itself, it charges itself, 它就自动进去停车,自己控制自己 and you can get something like seven times 而且一个传统的汽车的车位 as many vehicles in a given area as conventional cars, 你可以停放七辆这样的小车 and we think this is the future. Actually we could do this today. 我们觉得这就是未来,其实我们今天已经可以做到了 It's not really a problem. 没什么大问题的 We can combine shared use and folding and autonomy 我们能把共享使用和折叠还有自动化结合起来 and we get something like 28 times the land utilization 而且我们的土地使用率可以提高28倍 with that kind of strategy. 只要按照这种方式(就会有可能) 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170101/421673.html