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冲破铁幕(Torn Curtain) 第03期

你把这么美丽的女孩从我身边带走 You're robbing me the company of a beautiful girl. 哦好吧去吧玩的开心 Oh, well, go ahead. Enjoy yourself. 哦等一下亲爱的我把书留在前台 Oh, just a moment, love. I want to leave this book with the concierge. 马上回来 Be right back. 非常感谢 Thank you very much. 迈克尔你打算在饭前还是饭后告诉我 Well, Michael, will you tell me before we eat or after? 嗯你不尝尝马提尼吗 Uh, aren't you gonna try your martini? 你在担心什么你拿的那些票是什么 What are you so upset about? And what were those tickets you picked up? 嗯 Well? 嗯我得去斯德哥尔摩一趟 Well, I... have to go to Stockholm. -噢-我必须下午就动身 - Oh?- And I have to go this afternoon. 但是大会今晚怎么办你要发言啊 But, I mean, the congress... what about tonight, you're giving your speech? 嗯这很重要 Well, this is more important. 我有事和瑞典防御部门说 I'm going to speak to the Swedish defense department. 瑞典防御部门 The Swedish defense department? 亨斯托姆和我 Hengstrom and I were talking on the boat 在船上讨论了"五微克"工程 about what I was doing with "Gamma Five", 他知道这个工程已经取消了 and he knew the project was cancelled. 他打听到也许瑞典政府 He began to do some sniffing around seemed to think the Swedish government. 会支持这个工程 might be willing to back the project, so... 你是美国人你怎么能为外国政府工作 You're American. How can you work for a foreign government? 我能分清 I can get clearance. 你为什么不告诉我你和亨斯托姆在船上谈过话 Why didn't you tell me you talked to Hengstrom on the boat? -嗯我要-你一定知道这件事很久了 - Well, I was going to...- You must've known about this for a long time. 这就是为什么你不希望我和你一起来吧 Is that why you didn't want me to come on this trip? 我当然希望你来 I did want you. -我想我们有过协定-让协定见鬼去吧 - I thought we had an agreement.- To hell with the agreement. 你竭尽所能阻止我和你一起来 You did everything you could to stop me from coming. 这只是我和亨斯托姆 The thing with Hengstrom just... 你根本就没准备在大会上发言 You never intended to give a speech tonight, did you? 让它见鬼去吧让别人去发言吧 To hell with the speech. Let somebody else give it. 好那你希望我做什么 All right, what would you like me to do? 在大会上为我打掩护做好笔记我会及时回来结婚的 Cover the congress for me. Take notes. I'll be back in time for the wedding. 在两个月还是三个月内 In two months, or three? Yeah. 是的 Yeah. 哦迈克尔你当然知道怎么做 Oh, Michael, you certainly know how to make a girl feel wanted. 亲爱的我不知道你为什么执迷于这件事 Darling, I don't know what's got into you, 甚至在这个导弹工程被取消了之后 ever since the missile project was cancelled... 是的它被取消了所以现在对于我来说很重要 Yes, it was cancelled. Now that was very important. 但是我对你也很重要为什么我不能去斯德哥尔摩 But I'm important to you. Why can't I come to Stockholm? 莎拉我们最好不要在一起你知道还有大会 Sarah, we'd never see each other. You know, conferences, meetings. 我对你一点也没有用了吗 But aren't I any use to you anymore? 嗯如果我不太忙但是你总是很忙 Well, if I wasn't gonna be so busy... But you're always busy... 对于这个我抱怨过吗你不能停止这么想吗 Have I ever minded that? Didn't you even stop to think I might enjoy it? 哦看迈克尔我们可以住在一起 Oh, look, Michael, we could get an apartment. -我是说我可以照顾你购物做饭-那不可能的 - I mean, I could look after you, shop, cook.- No. It just wouldn't work. -你是那个意思-是的 - Well, that's that then.- Yeah. 请原谅 Excuse me. 嗯的确是那样15个手提箱丢失了 Well, it's definitely established. Fifteen suitcases gone astray. 它们可能在任何地方 They could be anywhere. 下一班到纽约的飞机是什么时候 I have an open ticket. When's the next flight for New York? 我听说它们出现在赫尔辛基 I've known them to turn up in Helsinki on that particular line. 让我们看看接下来会发生什么 Let's see what the day brings. 有一班泛美航空的在中午起飞小姐 The Pan-Am flight left at noon, miss. 有一班斯堪的纳维亚航空公司的在16:45出发 There is an S.A.S. flight at 16:45. 给我订个位子我想尽早离开 Get me a seat on that. I want to leave as soon as possible. 那有威廉森先生的高尔夫球棍 There's passenger Williamson's golf clubs. 离开曼彻斯特后我就没看见过 We haven't seen those since Manchester. -阿姆斯特朗去斯德哥尔摩飞机几点-阿姆斯特朗 - What time does Armstrong's flight leave for Stockholm?- Armstrong? 今早你给过他一张票 You gave him a ticket this morning. 高尔夫球棍不是随身行李 Aren't golf clubs classified as hand luggage? 根据华沙的习惯不是 Not since the Warsaw Convention. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/201704/Torn-Curtain-3.html