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VOA双语新闻:欧盟追加援助 帮助意大利应对移民潮

The European Commission has pledged another $116 million to Italy to help its government manage the Mediterranean migration CRIsis. 欧洲委员会保证向意大利追加1亿1600万美元,帮助意大利政府应对地中海移民危机。 Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, said in a letter to Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni on Tuesday that he was setting up a special “contact team” in Brussels to coordinate with Italian authorities. The additional financial assistance the commission pledged to Italy raises by 12.5 percent the funds already allocated to Rome, to a total of over $1 billion. 欧洲委员会主席让-克洛德·容克星期二致函意大利总理真蒂洛尼说,他正在布鲁塞尔建立一个特别“联络小组”,跟意大利有关当局进行协调。欧洲委员会这次追加的额外款项使意大利得到的援助金增加了12.5%,总额达10亿美元。 Through the first half of 2017, nearly 84,000 migrants arrived in Italy by sea, 20 percent more than during the same period last year. Detention centers and temporary shelters that Italy has for migrants have reached their maximum capacity of 200,000 people, but there are many other migrants in the country working illegally. 2017年上半年有近8万4千移民经海路来到意大利,比去年同期增长了20%。意大利能容纳20万人的拘留中心和临时庇护所已经满员,与此同时还有不少移民在意大利非法打工。 Migrants from Nigeria, Bangladesh and Guinea account for most of those fleeing to Italy on the way to Europe. 取道意大利前往欧洲的移民中,尼日利亚、孟加拉国和几内亚人占绝大多数。 Junker also promised to pressure Bangladesh to take back its migrants, since the vast majority of them are ineligible for international protection. He threatened to limit visas to Europe for travelers from the south Asian nation if there was no action by Dhaka. 欧洲委员会主席容克还保证对孟加拉国施加压力,要求他们接受遣返移民,因为其中大多数人都没有资格受到国际保护。容克威胁说,如果达卡不采取行动,就要限制孟加拉国的欧洲签证。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170727/479121.html