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实习生 第27期:朱尔斯妈妈家的"假警报"

Okay, Clooney. You're behind the wheel. Park on the street.Keep the engine running, your eyes open. Damon, Affleck's brother, you're with me. All right, let's do this. Remember, the key's under the flowerpot. Oh, no.Oh, great plan so far. Oh, my god. Lewis, get Becky. If we don't know the code,This is gonna turn into an alarm in 60 seconds. Becky, put Jules on.She put me on hold. What is wrong with that girl? This is so not good. What are we supposed to do, Ben? What are we supposed... Stop eating! Uh-Huh! Go look for the computer!Right now! Go! Go! Go!No! Separately! Separate... Ben. Ben, you there? Becky, don't screw around. Put Jules on. It's an emergency. She's in a meeting. Interrupt her. Ben, what's up? Jules, your mother has an alarm. No, she doesn't. Yes, she does. I'm in her kitchen. It's about to go off. What's her code? I have no idea. Ben, listen to me.I know this woman. That is a fake alarm that she bought Off of some infomercial or something, okay? It's not real. It's not connected.It's just to scare off burglars. She says it's fake. It's just to scare off burglars. Oh, well, it's doing a good job. Listen, my parents would never pay for an alarm, okay?They're the cheapest PEOPLE IN AMERICA. Okay, well, it hasn't turned into an alarm yet.It's still beeping. That's 'cause it's a fake.Trust me on this one. Have you found the computer? It's not down here.Lewis, go in there. Davis, in there. Found it! Got it! What? We found two. Which one is hers? The white one or the silver one? The white one or the silver one?The white one or the silver one? White one or the silver one? Your mom's computer? Yes.It's white. I got it fixed for her once.I am positive. The white one! White. Oh, my god. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/201710/506131.html