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实习生 第29期:小组酒吧庆祝

Cheers! Cheers! You are a crazy son of a bitch. You know that, right? I didn't, actually.I'm sure my blood pressure was through the roof. But it was worth it. Good times! Guys, I can't...I literally can't thank you enough for what you just did. It was so above and beyond and brave and loyal. I am indebted to you forever. No, you're not. Well, you're very welcome. You know...takes a team, but it's done. All taken care of. Okay. I'm gonna have another. Anybody else? I would love that. Yeah, let's do that. Yeah. But could I just get a half this time? I'll take his half. We'll all have doubles. N-No, it's okay. I can drink. It's a thing about me. Now, what are your names, again?I never want to not know you. I'm Jason.I've worked for you for like a year. I've delivered things to your home.I met Matt a bunch of times.I've tied your daughter's shoe before. I... I know who you are. I'm just terrible with names. It's all right. It's Jason. You're new, right? Yeah. I'm Davis.I started work the same day as Ben. We're pretty much besties, and I'm his mentee. Oh. He gave me this tie, for example.It was his. It's vintage. "Vintage." I like it. I like men in ties. And, you're Lewis. Yes. Yeah, I could hear a little bit over the phone. You were very cool under pressure. Well, it was my first heist. I tried to be chill.Thanks for noticing. Salut. Mm! Whoo! Boys, what can I say...I'm sorry.I didn't mean to call you "boys." Nobody calls men "men" anymore.Have you noticed? Women went from "girls" to "women."Men went from "men" to "boys"? This is a problem in the big picture. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. I'm gonna have another. Another? You sure about that? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/201710/506417.html