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美国语文第四册 第96期:黄金法则(03)

"It is mine, all mine," said she to herself; “它是我的了,全是我的,”她自言自语道, I will buy mother a new cloak with it, and she can give her old one to sister Mary, and then Mary can go to the Sunday school with me next winter. 我要给妈妈买件新斗篷,这样她就可以把那件旧的给妹妹玛丽,玛丽明年冬天就可以和我一起去上周日学校了。 I wonder if it will not buy a pair of shoes for brother Tom, too. 我想想它是不是还够给弟弟汤姆买双鞋子的。 At that moment she remembered that he must have given it to her by mistake; 那时,她想起钱一定是他给错了, and therefore she had no right to it. But again the voice of the tempter whispered, 所以她没有权利留下。但诱惑的声音又悄悄地说, He gave it, and how do you know that he did not intend to make you a present of it? 他给的,你怎么知道他不是特意想给礼物呢? Keep it; he will never know it, even if it should be a mistake; for he had too many such bills in that greatpocketbook to miss one. 留着吧,即使是弄错了,他永远也不会知道,因为他的皮夹里有那么多钱,根本想不起来丢了一张。 While this conflict was going on in her mind between good and evil, she was hurrying homeward as fast as possible. 当善恶在她头脑中不断斗争时,她还在快速地朝着家的方向跑。 Yet, before she came in sight of her home, 可是,当她出现在她家视野范围之前, she had repeatedly balanced the comforts which the money would buy against the sin of wronging her neighbor. 她不停地平衡着金钱带来的慰藉和伤害邻居的罪恶感。 As she crossed the little bridge over the narrow creek before her mother's door, 她家门前有一条窄窄的小河,河上架着一座小桥。 her eye fell upon a rustic seat which they had occupied during the conversation I have before narrated. 当她经过这座小桥时,她的眼光落在了一个质朴的长椅上,这就是前面提到的对话发生的地方。 Instantly the words of Scripture, "Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them," sounded in her ears like a trumpet. 《圣经》中的那些话语——“己所欲,施于人”——立刻像小号的声音一样在她耳边响起。 Turning suddenly round, as if flying from some unseen peril, 她突然转身,好似从一些看不见的危险里抽身一般, the child hastened along the road with breathless speed until she found herself once more at farmer Thompson's gate. 上气不接下气地在路上狂奔,直到她发现自己又来到了农民汤姆森的门口。 "What do you want now?" asked the gruff old fellow, as he saw her again at his side. “你又来要什么?”粗鲁的老家伙看到她回来了问道。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171008/500613.html