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美国语文第四册 第101期:鲁滨逊·克鲁索的住所(03)

It is true, by this method I could make but one board out of a whole tree; 真的,我就这么把整棵树做成了木板; but this I had no remedy for but patience, any more than I had for the prodigious deal of time and labor whichit took me to make a plank or board; 需要很大的耐心,做木板要花费很多时间和力气, but my time or labor was little worth, and so it was as well employed one way as another. 好在我时间和力气多得是。 However, I made me a table and a chair, as I observed above; and this I did out of the short pieces of boards which I brought on my raft from the ship; 我做了桌椅;前面提到过,我从离开大船时乘坐的木筏上拆了一些木板 but when I had wrought out some boards, as above, 当用上面的方法做了一些木板后, I made large shelves, of the breadth of a foot and a half, one over another, all along one side of my cave, tolay all my tools, nails, and ironwork on, 我还把一些一英尺半宽的隔板,立在岩洞的侧面,放置工具、钉子和铁器, and, in a word, to separate everything at large in their places, that I might come easily at them. 总之,我把所有工具摆放整齐,便于取用。 I knocked pieces into the wall of the rock to hang my guns and all things that would hang up. 我还把一些木棒钉进山岩,悬挂枪和别的能挂起来的东西。 So that, had my cave been seen, it would have looked like a general magazine of all necessary things; 因此,要是有人看到,我的岩洞就像是仓库, and I had everything so ready at my hand that it was a great pleasure to me to see all my goods in such order,and especially to find my stock of all necessaries so great. 所有必备的物品应有尽有。看到一切井井有条,带给我极大的乐趣,我的东西可真不少呢。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171011/501386.html