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The english we speak(BBC教学)第37期:cook the books做假账

Neil: Hello and welcome to the BBC Learning English kitchen with me, Neil, and my assistant, Feifei. 尼尔:大家好,欢迎和我一起来到BBC学英语的厨房,我是尼尔,我的助手,菲菲。 Feifei: Yes, welcome to The English We Speak from BBC Learning English. I am very excited today because Neil has asked me to be his assistant in the BBC Learning English kitchen. 菲菲:是的,欢迎来到BBC学英语之我们所说的英语。我今天很激动因为尼尔让我在BBC学英语的厨房当他的助手。 Neil: That's right. I've started boiling the water in the saucepan and now I'll prepare the ingredients. 尼尔:是的。我已经开始在平底锅里煮水了,而且我现在已经准备好原料了。 Feifei: Oh, I'm so excited! I wonder what Neil's going to cook. So what are the ingredients? 菲菲:哦,我太激动了!我很好奇尼尔将要做什么。那么原料是什么呢? Neil: There we go. 尼尔:我们开始啦。 Feifei: Neil, I think you are emptying your bag from the library rather than the supermarket! 菲菲:尼尔,我觉得你是清空你的书包从图书馆而不是超市里。 Neil: No Feifei, this is right. I'm going to cook the books. 尼尔:不菲菲,这是对的。我打算烹饪书本。 Feifei: Cook the books?! Are you crazy?! 菲菲:烹饪书本?!你疯了吗? Neil: Yes, Feifei. I might look happy and full of joy but there's something terrible I have to admit. 尼尔:是的,菲菲。我也许看起来很开心而且满是欣喜,但是我必须承认有糟糕的事发生了。 Feifei: Oh no. What's that? 菲菲:哦不。发生了什么? Neil: Well... I have serious financial problems. I'm millions of pounds in debt. 尼尔:我遇到了严重的经济问题。我欠了上百万英镑的债。 Feifei: Oh no! How will cooking the books help? 菲菲:哦不!那烹饪书本有什么用呢? Neil: It's an expression in English. If you 'cook the books', you change the numbers in a company's financial records so you can take some of the money for yourself illegally. 尼尔:这是一个英语的表达法。如果你“烹饪书本”,你改变了一个公司的经济记录,所以你就可以私自非法盗取一些钱财。 Feifei: Neil! That's not like you. Let's hear some more examples of that phrase being used. 菲菲:尼尔!这不像你。让我们来听一些这个词组用法的例子。 A: Did you hear Dave the accountant got fired for stealing from the company?! A:你听说戴夫,那个会计因为在公司做假账被开除了吗? B: Yeah, he'd been cooking the books for years. B:是的,他盗窃很多年了。 A: The chief executive of that bank got sent to jail for cooking the books. A:那个银行的首席执行官因为做假账被关到监狱里了。 B: Well I think he deserves it. Fraud is a serious crime. B:我觉得他罪有应得。诈骗是很严重的罪。 Feifei: Hmm, so are you cooking the books so you can pay off your debts? 菲菲:嗯,所以你要做假账来支付你的债吗? Neil: Yes, it's the only thing I can think of. I'm desperate! 尼尔:是的,这是我能想到的唯一的事。我太绝望了! Feifei: I don't think that's a good idea, Neil. Fraud is a serious crime. Oh, but hang on. What's that floating on the top? 菲菲:我不觉得这是一个好主意,尼尔。欺骗是一个严重的罪。哦,但是等一下。那个上面的是什么? Neil: Oh it's just a lottery ticket. I use them as bookmarks. 尼尔:哦那只是一个彩票。我把它们当书签用了。 Feifei: Let me check the lottery numbers on my smartphone. 菲菲:让我用智能手机来看看彩票数字。 Neil: What's the point? I never win. 尼尔:有什么意义呢?我从来没赢过。 Feifei: Actually Neil, you've won! 菲菲:事实上尼尔,你中了! Neil: I've won? I'm a millionaire! My problems are over! Let's celebrate! Let's have a meal! Here - this one I've just cooked. 尼尔:我中了?我是百万富翁了!我的问题解决了!我们庆祝吧!我们吃大餐吧!这里,我刚做的饭。 Feifei: Neil didn't cook the books in vain. Mmm - these books are actually delicious! 菲菲:尼尔烹饪的书本没有白做。嗯,这些书的确很美味! Neil: Not bad, are they?! 尼尔:还不错,是吧?! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/501632.html