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速成沙龙国际第三册 Lesson15:Forgot to Pay the Bills

Lesson 15 Key Conversation Forgot to Pay the Bills Cashier: Hi, welcome to Kor-Tel. What can I do for you today? Ian: Yes, I was wondering how I can get my TV and Internet working again. Cashier: Sure. What seems to be the problem? Ian: Well, they got shut off while I was on vacation. I guess I forgot to pay the bills. Cashier: Yeah, that would do it. Would you like to pay the bill today? Ian: I may as well, and could I pay my cell phone bill here, too? Cashier: Sure, no problem. What is the number on your account? Ian: 347-555-7294. Cashier: OK. It looks like you owe $157.68. Ian: Ouch. OK. At least that should make us all square. Cashier: Yeah, it should. Your cable and Internet should be back on within the next 30 minutes. Ian: Thank you very much. 1. How long do you think Ian was on vacation? 2. Where do you think he is paying the bill? 3. Do you think his cable and Internet costs are expensive? 4. Do you think Ian will forget to pay his bills again? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/501636.html