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A surprising number of people who came along as hippies 二十世纪六七十年代的许多嬉皮士和反主流文化运动先锋 and counter-culture folks in the '60s and '70s 其实到头来 wound up going into business. 最终都从商了 Business was a way to have some freedom in the world. 从商也能让人获得某种层面上的自由 Steve Jobs later said he'd set up the business almost by chance. 乔布斯后来说 他几乎是出于机缘巧合才创办的这个企业 We started Apple simply because we wanted this computer for ourselves 我们做苹果电脑本来只是给自己用的 and our immediate friends wanted one once they saw us build a prototype. 然后亲朋好友看见我们的样机 就也想要一个 So gradually, we were pulled into business. 于是慢慢地我们就有生意了 We didn't set out to build a large company. 我们一开始并没有计划创建一家大公司 We started out to build a few dozen computers for us and our friends. 我们的初衷只是为了给自己和朋友们组装电脑 To Apple's co-founder, though, the reality is a little less idealistic. 不过对于Wozniak来说 事实并不如乔布斯所说的那么单纯 Steve was always sort of focussed on if you can build things 乔布斯一直坚持 如果你做的东西能够卖得出去 and sell them, you can have a company. And the way you make money 你就该创办企业 如果你想要挣钱 and importance in the world is with companies. 想要获得影响力 开办企业就是最直观的方式 And he always spoke that he wanted to be one of those important people in the world. 他总是说 他想要成为那种举足轻重的大人物 So he'd got the business side pretty clearly. 所以他是很有商业头脑的 He got the business side but he did tie it in philosophically with, 没错 他是一个商人 但他也有更深层次上的追求 "This is how you get good things to people." 那就是要造福大众 It wasn't, "I only want money." 他并不是一个唯利是图的人 It was Wozniak's next computer, Wozniak接下来设计的电脑 which propelled Apple into the stratosphere. 将苹果推上了一个巅峰 Released in 1977, 苹果机二代于1977年面世 the Apple II was the first home computer with colour graphics. 它是第一台拥有彩色图像的家用电脑 Over the next three years, sales grew rapidly 其后三年 它的销量迅速上升 to more than $150 million, 交易额超过1.5亿美元 taking Apple from a suburban garage to the pinnacle of a new industry... 这使得苹果从一个家用车库里的小公司 personal computing. 一举成为了个人电脑这一新行业的霸主 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/501768.html