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TED十佳演讲之入门 我们需要谈谈不公(08)

Well I believe that our identity is at risk. 我相信这说明我们有定位危机。 That when we actually don't care about these difficult things, 当我们对这些棘手的问题置之不顾时, the positive and wonderful things are nonetheless implicated. 我们却仍旧对那些正面的好事儿一如既往地关心。 We love innovation. We love technology. We love creativity. We love entertainment. 我们爱极了革新。我们爱技术。我们爱创造。我们爱娱乐。 But ultimately, those realities are shadowed by suffering, abuse, degradation, marginalization. 但是最终,这些好的现实都被痛苦煎熬,滥用职权,剥夺人权,边缘化,蒙上了阴影。 And for me, it becomes necessary to integrate the two. 对于我来说两者合一是必要的。 Because ultimately we are talking about a need to be more hopeful, 因为最终我们谈的是怎么更有希望, more committed, more dedicated to the basic challenges of living in a complex world. 更有保障,更有贡献,来应付生活在这个复杂社会中的种种挑战。 And for me that means spending time thinking and talking about the poor, the disadvantaged, those who will never get to TED. 对于我来说,那需要花时间思考和讨论穷人阶层,弱势群体,那些永远也没机会来TED的人。 But thinking about them in a way that is integrated in our own lives. 不过想着其实在某种意义上是把他们融合进我们的生活里。 You know ultimately, we all have to believe things we haven't seen. We do. 要知道最终,我们得相信那些没亲眼见的事。我们不得不。 As rational as we are, as committed to intellect as we are. 作为理智的社会,这么聪明的社会。 Innovation, creativity, development comes not from the ideas in our mind alone. 革新,创造,发展,并不仅仅在我们脑子里空想出来的。 They come from the ideas in our mind that are also fueled by some conviction in our heart. 它们是从我们脑子里的智慧和我们心里的信念相结合的产物。 And it's that mind-heart connection that I believe compels us to not just be attentive to all the bright and dazzly things, but also the dark and difficult things. 这个灵智合一,我相信会驱使我们不仅仅是对那些光明的事情更上心,同时对那些黑暗面和棘手的事情也是一样。 Vaclav Havel, the great Czech leader, talked about this. 韦克拉乌·哈韦尔,这位捷克的杰出领导人,谈过这个问题。 He said, "When we were in Eastern Europe and dealing with oppression, we wanted all kinds of things, 他说:“当我们在东欧解决强制压迫的问题时,我们希望能成就很多, but mostly what we needed was hope, an orientation of the spirit, a willingness to sometimes be in hopeless places and be a witness." 但是最重要的,我们要一个希望,一个心灵的指向,一种不惮于体会绝望的态度,以及为史留证的意愿。” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171205/517107.html