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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第05季 第04集 第15期

我们要在整个中西部表明立场 We're making a stand across the Midwest. 你别往心里去 Don't take it personally. 你告诉我这是府邸的问题 You told me it was about the mansion. 我让杰姬放弃府邸 I got Jackie to back off the mansion, -现在你又说 -杰姬·福瑞克吗 - and now you're saying... - Jackie Florrick? 什么 对啊 怎么了 What? Yes. Why? 她怎样了 How's she doing? 杰姬 她很好 怎么了 Jackie? She's fine. Why? 替我向她问好 Say hello for me, huh? 洛克哈特&加德纳律所 霍华德·莱曼 那我们问他什么 So,what do we ask him? 他有没有带克里斯到这儿来 Whether he brought Chrissy here, 有没有在她面前脱衣服 and if took his clothes off in front of her. -霍华德 -天呐 - Howard? - Oh, my God. 怎么了 现在几点 What? Huh? What time is it? -一点 -我两点前没有会议 - 1:00. - I don't have a meeting till 2:00. 现在有了 我们有个麻烦 You have a meeting now. We have a problem. 她闯进来的 She came in here. 我没让她来 没请她进来 I didn't ask her to, I didn't invite her in. 但你没穿任何裤子 But you didn't have your pants or your underwear on? 我午饭时间从不穿 I always take it off for lunch. 我会打个小盹 I take a nap. 我出了很多汗 在 I get all sweaty on... on my... 下半身 you know, bottom half. 而且我没有不让她走 And I did not keep her from leaving. 那婊子尖叫了 我只是想给她杯水 Bitch screamed. I was just offering her some water. 天呐 Oh, dear God. 我也很无辜 Look, I am the innocent party here. 那女孩闯进来 试图 The girl came in here and tried to... 她 试图 She, uh... she tried to... 我也不知道她试图做什么 I don't know what she was trying to do. 我正在打盹呢 I was just taking a nap. 怎么了 What's wrong? 不知道 I don't know. 他们被叫去开合伙人会议 They just got called into the partner's meeting. 该死 Damn it. 或许没什么事 It might not be anything. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171205/The-Good-Wife-05-04-15.html