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On Wednesday, scientists said that people who drink three to four cups of coffee a day are more likely to see health benefits than harm, 周三,科学家们表示,每天喝三到四杯咖啡,对人有益无害。 experiencing lower risks of premature death and heart disease than those who abstain. 每天和三到四杯咖啡的人,其过早死亡和心脏病的几率要小于不喝咖啡的人。 The team found that coffee consumption was linked to lower risks of diabetes, liver disease, dementia and some cancers. 研究小组发现,喝咖啡能降低患糖尿病、肝病、痴呆和某些癌症的风险。 Scientists said that three or four cups a day confer the greatest benefit, except for women who are pregnant or who have a higher risk of suffering fractures. 科学家们说,每天三到四杯咖啡对人益处最大,不过孕妇或患骨折风险较高的女性除外。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517341.html