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饮食与营养 第110期:同一个健康问题的探讨(03)

So I'll walk you through a brief overview of what we're trying to do 我将简单概述一下其中的内容 and then give you some highlights of the capacity building aspects which is something I'm particularly interested in as well 简明扼要讲一下能力建设的问题,这也是我很感兴趣的一个问题 So as we go through PREDICT is really part of, is one of five initiatives that we're now at the end of year one PREDICT是五个计划中的一个,我们现在正处在第一年末 And so PREDICT is about a $75 million grant PREDICT大概有7500万美元的拨款 We're really charged with wildlife surveillance 我们需要负责野生动物监控 and finding out whether the passage of circulating in wildlife populations could spill over and jump to human populations 研究野生动物之间的病毒传播是否会外溢并感染人类 The next HIV-1 for example 就像艾滋病毒这样 But there are other initiatives that are part of it that are charged with capacity building for response to disease outbreaks 另外还有其它一些项目负责疾病爆发响应能力建设 for preventing future outbreaks by behavior change 通过行为改变预防未来爆发 identifying, doing laboratory capacity building, delivery gets new equipment to various hot spot regions of the world 进行实验室能力建设,将新设备运往世界的热点区域 So overall we're part of this emerging pandemic threats program funded by USAID 总之,我们属于这个新发流行病项目的一部分由USAID资助 and our very small challenge is prevent, respond to and predict really what are the next pathogens of pandemic potential 我们这部分的任务是预防,预测下一种潜在传染病病原体并作出反应 So you know, just an everyday thing to take on here 这就是我们每天要处理的事 But in a couple of areas that we were caring you see on the left, in Uganda the livestock, wildlife interface 这里是几个我们关心的地区,左侧是乌干达,家畜同野生动物的接触点 where even if we build fences to try and keep the livestock away from the wildlife for example 就算我们在野生动物和家畜之间建起篱笆 the wildlife don't know, the livestock either, right 野生动物和家畜也不会乖乖待在两边 And so what we would like to do is contain disease in small areas and have these buffers 所以我们希望将特定疾病限制在小范围地区,设立缓冲 to prevent spillover across the species that eventually might get to humans, but it's not always so clear-cut 防止物种间传染病外溢,最终传给人,但这中间没有清晰界限 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517362.html