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饮食与营养 第111期:同一个健康问题的探讨(04)

And on the right, you see a picture in Tanzania, another place where I work 而右侧是坦桑尼亚的图,我工作的另一个地方 And this is a watering hole where during the day a woman may come to get the water for her child, and to water her cattle 这是一个水塘,白天在这里一个女人来取水喂孩子,并喂牛 But in the evening, you'll see the wildlife come here as well 而晚上,野生动物也在这里饮水 So there are areas of shared resources where we come together with our animals, then we have an opportunity to share diseases there 这就是人和动物共享资源的例子,这为疾病传播制造了机会 And so at this interface in different 23 different countries in 4 hot spot regions of the world, that's where we're working right now 4个热点地区中23个国家的接触点就是我们现在工作的地方 So within this emerging pandemic threat program PREDICT是新发流行病项目 I'm part of PREDICT, specifically the capacity building aspect there 我参加了该项目,特别是能力建设这方面 And we're working mostly with different wildlife species that we do also overlap into livestock in particular areas of concerns 我们研究很多种野生动物,关心它们同热点区域家畜的重叠 So we have certain highlight animal host species 我们特别关注的寄主动物 that we think are most likely to be in contact with humans and to develop the next disease that may jump 都是同人类接触可能性大,且可能发展为将疾病传给人类的 And so for example here, we're looking at bats and nonhuman primates and rodents as 比如这里,我们研究蝙蝠,非人灵长类,啮齿类动物 examples of where we want to do targeted surveillance 这就是目标监控的例子 So, let me show you a little bit more about why we're doing this and how we're using the targeted surveillance strategy 我稍微讲一下,为什么做这些,以及如何使用目标监控策略 So really we want to start with land-use and population change, right 最开始是土地使用和人口变化 We're using our globe in many many different ways, then we're changing the way that the disease dynamics work 土地的使用越来越多,疾病动态也会随之变化 As we have increased contact between animals and humans, there's more likelihood for diseases to jump 随着人类同动物接触的增加,疾病跨越传播给人可能性增大 And you can see an enhanced flow of pathogens 病原体流动明显增多 So if we start at the top, you can see the land use change 从最上面开始,土地使用变化 that may lead to increased contact between animals and humans 这可能导致人与动物接触增多 That then can lead to enhanced flow of pathogens with zoonotic potential 之后导病原体流动增加,这些病原体具有共通传染可能 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517363.html