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外贸英语话题王 第95期:装船期限

Loading period 装船期限 A:When can you ship the goods? A:你方何时能装运货物? B:In December. B:十二月。 A:Is there any possibility for you to ensure prompt shipment? A:你方有无可能即期装运? B:I'm afraid not. Our manufactures are fully committed at the moment. I can't give you a check that I know will bounce. B:恐怕不能。我们厂家目前大量承约,我们不敢超出生产能力。我不能给你一张肯定被银行退票的支票。 A:That will be too late. You know, Christmas is coming; we want the goods on the market before the ends of November to catch up with Christmas sales. Anyway, can you do anything to advance the shipment to November? You know, a timely delivery means a lot to us. A:那太晚了。你知道圣诞节就要到了,我们希望货物11月底前上市,以便赶上圣诞节销售旺季。无论怎么说,能否把装船提前到11月份。按时交货对我们来说太重要了。 B:The best we can do is to effect shipment at the end of November. B:我们能做的就是11月底装运。 A:Let me put it this way. We've agreed to conclude the deal on a FOB basis. Even if you deliver the goods at the end of November, we still have to go through the customs and this will take us about 2 weeks. If you manage to deliver the goods two or three weeks earlier, everything will be fine and we will be able to make it. A:我这样说吧,我方同意按船上交货价达成交易,即使你方11月底交货,我方还需过关,这将花两个星期的时间。如果你方提前两至三周交货,一切都会好的,我方将能赶上销售旺季。 B:Well, as this is the first transaction, I think we can make a deal. I'll get in touch with the manufacturer and ask them to try their best to advance the shipment to middle of November. Perhaps some other orders will be canceled. We'll keep you informed. B:好吧,因为这是第一笔生意,我希望我们能达成交易。我将与厂家取得联系,请他们尽最大努力于11月中旬交货。也许一些其它的订单将被取消。我们将与你方保持联系。 A:That's very kind of you. I'm looking forward to receiving your advice of shipment as early as possible. A:你太好了。期待早日收到你方的装船通知。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517386.html