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外贸英语话题王 第96期:装船问题

Problems about shipment 装船问题 A:Let's talk about shipment. When is the time limit for loading? A:咱们谈谈装运问题吧。我们这批货的装运期限是什么时候? B:The loading period is from May to June. B:装运期限从5月到6月。 A:Since you take delivery under FOR terms, your buyers are to charter a ship and book the shipping space. We'll see the goods pass over the ship's rail and our responsibility ends there. A:既然您选择船上交货条件,那你们买方要租船订舱。我们负责把货物送过船舷,我们的责任就尽到了。 B:No doubt about that. B:是这样的。 A:There is another problem. Do you allow any quantity difference when the goods are loaded on board the ship? A:还有一个问题,你方是否允许装船数量上有机动浮动? B:Yes, there may be some difference, but is can't exceed 6% of the quantity stipulated. B:允许,但是机动幅度不能超过规定数量的6%。 A:At what price is the tolerance to be paid? A:允许的差额如何偿付? B:It will be paid at the contracted price. B:差额按合同价格偿付。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517387.html