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亚洲社会文化研究 第33期:关于移民的对话(33)

Keep it loud, Bernie. 伯尼,声音高点 I just want to say that if you actually look at what creates jobs in our economy, 我只想说如果你真正看到在我们的经济中什么创造了工作, you're not really looking at a big pyramid 你不会看到一个大金字塔 where the fight is at the base of the pyramid between those people who are coming in and those people who are here. 最下面一层就是里面的人和新来的人进行斗争, Virtually, a hundred percent of net new jobs in this country, 几乎百分之百的新工作在这个国家出现, for the last 15 years, have been created in businesses of 50 people or less. 在过去15年间,许多50人或更小的企业在此创立, In other words, most of the job creation in our networked economy is created by entrepreneurial businesses. 换句话说,大部分工作是由创业企业所提供的 And the entrepreneurial energy you have in immigrant families, 创业动力也来自移民家庭, I truly haven't seen the statistics here, I haven't done any great research here, 我确实没有看过统计,我也没做过相应的研究 but just think about all the businesses created by families that are scraping together to create new businesses and retail in small craft type businesses and service jobs 但我相信这所有商业是由共同创新的企业和零售小工艺型企业和服务工作 that are in fact creating jobs for Americans. 是提供给美国人的。 And one of the really curious things, 但一件好奇的事是 I mean Tom Friedman is always going on about this, 我想弗里德曼一直乐此不疲, one of the curious things is we don't let immigrants who have gone through our colleges to immediately stay, 另一个好奇的是我们不能让那些已接受我们大学教育的人立即留下, which would redouble the capacity of immigrants to create jobs in this country. 这将加强移民身份在这个国家创造工作, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517401.html