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亚洲社会文化研究 第34期:关于移民的对话(34)

So I think it's really nonsense to think about immigration as being a source of unemployment. 因此我认为真的没意义将移民考虑为一种失业率的原因。 It's the denial of immigration in some cases clearly, 这在某种程度上明显否定了移民的意义, but even in the cases where we think of people taking jobs are in fact creating jobs. 但某种情况下,我们认为人们找工作实际上就是在创造工作。 Gish, Maxine,a comment on that point? 任,玛克辛,关于此你们有啥看法? Hear, hear. You know? If only you could just sort of get that into the New York Times, that'd be great. 你知道吗?如果你能将此观点注入《纽约时报》那就太好了。 It's always in the New York Times. 它总是在《纽约时报》里。 I know what you're saying. 我明白你所说的。 But the trouble is of course, is the people who need to hear it, don't read it, right? But more power to you. 但问题是,人们能听到,但是不能读懂,对吗?但你看的很深。 We have 5 more minutes and let me just let you know that Gish and Maxine are going to be happily interacting with you and signing their books in the lobby as we adjourn. 我们休息5分多钟,并告诉大家,任和玛克辛将愉快地在大厅与你们签书,以此来作为我们的休会。 And giving you Toribio Romo holly cards. 并且我们给你展示小米罗莫的卡片。 Yeah. And before I invite Gish and Maxine to exchange the last comments or two with each other, we have time for another question or two. 好,在我邀请两位女士交换评论前,我们还可以提一两个问题。 Over Here. Over here, please. Thank you, On your right. 这儿。这里那儿,谢谢,在你的右边。 I want to hearken back to the Congress that you alluded to that passed the Immigration Act of 1965. 我想追述到1965年国会通过的移民法案。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517402.html