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创业与企业发展 第33期:保持专注力

So then there's this question of how do you figure out what to focus on each day? 问题来了,怎样才能知道每天应该专注于什么事呢? And this is where it's really important to have goals. 此时需要有目标 Most good founders that I know uh, 我认识的大多数创业者 at any given time have a small number of overarching goals for the company. 无论何时都为公司设定了不少重要的目标 Everybody in the company knows. 公司的每个人都要知道 Could be things like ship a product by this date. 比如按期运送一件商品 You know, maintain this growth rate, 保持增长率 get this certain engagement rate, hire for these key roles, get this deal done. 获得一定的用户参与率,为关键职位招聘人才,完成这笔生意 But anybody could tell you in the company every week what are our, what are our key goals? 在公司任何人都要知道每周我们的关键目标是什么 And then everybody executes based off of that. 之后每个人都以此为执行基础 The founder really does set the focus. 创业者的确得设定目标 Um, whatever the founder cares about, whatever the founders think are the key goals. 不管创业者关心什么,不管创业者认为什么是关键目标 Um, that's going to be what the whole company focuses on. 设定的目标将是整个公司的关注所在 And, and the best founders repeat these goals over and over far more often than they think they should need to. 最优秀的创业者不断重复这些目标,比他们认为应有的次数还要多得多 They put em up on the walls, 他们把目标挂在墙上 they talk about them in one on one's, all hands meeting every week. 在每周的会议上重申目标 Um, but it keeps the company focused. 这可以让公司专注 One of the keys to focus on why I said I think. 我之所以说 Co-founders in different places struggle is that you can't be focused without really great communication. 异地合伙人很费劲,一个原因是只有真正的沟通才能带来专注 Um, even if you only have say four or five people in a company. 即使你的公司只有四五个人 A small communication breakdown is enough for everybody to be working on slightly different things. 一次小的沟通失败就足以让军心涣散 Um, and then you lose focus and the company just scrambles. 团队失去重心,公司就会举步维艰 I'm going to talk about this a little bit more later. 之后我会再讲到这一点 Um, but growth and momentum are something you can never lose focus on. 你必须要一直专注于增长和驱动力 Uh, growth and momentum are what a start up lives on. 增长和驱动力是一个创业公司赖以生存的基础 Uh, and you always have to focus on maintaining these. 你必须一直专注于保持这些 You should always know how you are doing against your metrics. 你应该一直清楚什么与你的执行标准相悖 You should have a weekly review meeting every week 你应该每周做一次回顾 and you should be extremely suspicious if you're ever talking about. 并且时刻想想自己是否曾说过 We're not focused on growth right now, 我们现在并没有专注于增长 we're not growing that well right now, but we're doing this other thing, you know. 我们的发展还不够好,我们在做其他事 We don't have, we don't have a timeline for when we're gonna ship this cuz were focused on this other thing. 我们没有计划什么时候会推出产品,因为我们的心思在其他事情上面 We're doing a rebrand, whatever, almost always a disaster. 我们在重塑品牌,不管是啥,都是一场灾难 So you wanna have the right metrics and you want to be focused on growing those metrics and having momentum. 所以你要有正确的标准,要专注于提高标准,继续增长 Um, don't, don't let the company get distracted or excited by other things. 不要让其他事情使公司的注意力分散,不要过于关注不重要的东西 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517411.html