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创业与企业发展 第34期:创业的好处

Um, a common mistake is that company's gets excited by their own PR. 一个常见的错误就是公司会过分关注网页排名 It's really easy to get PR with no results and it feels like your actually really cool. 提高网页排名很容易,并且你会自我感觉良好 But in a year, you'll still have nothing, and at that point you won't be cool anymore. 但在一年的时间里,你仍然一无所获。到那时,你的感觉可就不好了 And you'll just be talking about these articles from a year ago. 一年前的报道中写道 That oh, you know, like these Standford students start this new startup, it's gonna be the next big thing. “又一个斯坦福的学生开始创业了,他一定会干成大事” And now you have nothing, and that sucks. 而现在你一无所获,真的很糟糕 Um, and then, as I mentioned already, be in the same space. 接着,正如我之前所提到的,要在同一个地方工作 Ah, this is like, I think this is pretty much a non starter. 这就像我觉得这是很难成功的事 Remote co-founding teams is just really really hard. 异地合伙团队工作起来真的非常困难 It slows down the cycle time more than anybody ever thinks it's going to. 周转时间变得比大家所想的还要慢 The other piece, besides focus for execution is intensity. 另一方面,除了专注之外,还要有强度 Um, startups only work at a fairly intense level. 创业公司只有在高强度下才能有所作为 Um, a friend of mine says that the secret to startups is extreme focus and extreme dedication. 我的一个朋友说过创业的秘诀在于忘我的专注和极度的热衷 You know you can like a have a startup in one other thing, 此外你还能照顾到另一件事情 you can have a startup in a family but you probably can't have many other hobbies. 你可以照顾一下家庭,但你不能有其他的爱好 Startups are not the best choice for work life balance. 创业并不是工作生活平衡的最好选择 And that's sort of just, the sad reality. 这是残酷的现实 Um, there's a lot of great things about a startup, but this is not one of them. 创业有许多好处,但这并不是其中之一 Um, they are all consuming in a way that is difficult to explain. 这很难解释 You, you generally need to be willing to outwork your competitors. 你要在工作上胜过你的竞争者 The good news here, uh, wow that's hard to see um, is that a small amount of extra work on the right thing. 好消息是,啊,可能有点看不清,在正确的事情上付出一点额外的努力 Makes a huge difference. 结果将大有不同 One example that I like to give is thinking about the viral coefficient for a consumer web product. 有一个例子是用户网络产品的传播系数 Um, how many users how many new users each existing user brings in. 每个现有用户可以带来多少个新用户 If it's .99 the company will eventually flatline and then die. 如果是0.99,那这个公司最终将保持低水平直至消亡 Uh, and if it's 1.01 you'll be in this happy place of exponential growth forever. 如果是1.01,那么你的处境不错,永远呈指数增长 Um, so this is just one concrete example of where a tiny bit of 所以这是一个具体实例 extra work is the difference between success and failure. 只要一点额外努力就可以带来大相径庭的结果 And, when we talk to successful founders they tell stories like this all the time. 当我们和成功的创业者交谈时,他们一直都在告诉我们这样的故事 You know, just outworking their competitors by a little bit, was what made them successful. 只要比你的竞争者努力工作一点,这就是他们成功的原因 Um, so you have to be really intense, you know, 所以,你必须要保持高强度的工作 this only comes from the CEO, this only comes from the founders. 这是成为CEO或创业者所必须的要求 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517412.html