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释义 difference; divergence; [数] bifurcation; ramification; branching 释义相关词条: bifurcation branching difference divaricate divarication diverge fork 双语例句 1. The three parties will meet next month to work out remaining differences. 三方将在下个月会面,以解决余下的分歧。 2. At a later news conference, he said differences should not be dramatized. 在后来的新闻发布会上,他说不应夸大分歧。 3. This issue, more than any other, has divided her cabinet. 主要是这一问题使她的内阁产生了分歧。 4. Disputes and differences between the two neighbours would be solved bilaterally. 两个邻国之间的争端和分歧应当通过双边途径解决。 5. Yet it is feared the Republican leadership could split over the agreement. 但有人担心,共和党的领导层可能会在该协议上出现意见分歧。 6. The narrowness of the government's victory reflected deep division within the Party. 政府的勉强获胜反映了党内的严重分歧。 7. The company is currently in dispute with the government over price fixing. 该公司目前与政府在是否存在价格操控问题上存在分歧。 8. The two communities are learning how to resolve their differences. 这两个社群正在学着如何解决彼此之间的分歧。 9. It's here that we come up against the difference of approach. 我们就是在这一点上面临方法上的分歧。 10. Yesterday's testimony began on a note of passionate but civilized disagreement. 昨天的作供是在激烈但文明地表达分歧的氛围中开始的。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517425.html