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释义 form; constitute; comprise; make up 释义相关词条: buildup compose composing constitute form make up of makeup 双语例句 1. Her crew consisted of children from Devon and Cornwall. 她的团队由来自德文郡和康沃尔郡的孩子们组成。 2. It will be able to put together a governing coalition. 它将可以组成一个执政联盟。 3. Specific groups may be formed to address specific issues. 可能会组成特别小组去解决特定问题。 4. In 1882 Germany, Austria, and Italy formed the Triple Alliance. 1882年,德国、奥地利和意大利结成了三国同盟。 5. Polish workers will now be making component parts for Boeing 757s. 现在波音757飞机的组成部件将由波兰工人制造。 6. The project will have an administrative staff of 12. 项目将包括一个12人组成的管理小组。 7. He has also formed an exciting ensemble from his dancers. 他还将他的舞蹈演员们组成了一个人们非常喜欢的舞蹈团。 8. The division will consist of two tank companies and one infantry company. 这个师的组成部队将包括两个坦克连和一个步兵连。 9. He had been chosen by a cabal of fellow senators. 他已被一个由一些参议员同仁组成的小集团选中。 10. We started out with a little rag-tag team of 30 people. 我们最初只是一支由30人组成的散兵游勇的队伍。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517426.html