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That shows yes genes do matter and they matter a lot, as we'll talk about during the week on change. 显示基因很重要 影响甚多探讨改变的时候我们再谈这问题 Other things matter as well. And the error that Lykken and Tellegen and many others make 还有其他因素和基因一样重要像Lykken和Tellegen那样 人们常错误地 When they generalize and say change is not possible is what I call the error of the average . 概括出一个结论 变化是不可能的 我称之为 大众错误 Yes, on average, when you look at this group of 40 or 50 twins reared apart, 平均而言当研究这40或50组被分开抚养的双胞胎 When you look at the average, they are just about the same. 大体看来他们是一样的 However, that's not looking at the individuals because while many of them are the same, 然而 没有单独来看因为 虽然他们大多数是非常相似的 Not all are the same. It reminds me of a joke about the statistician 但并不是全部都一样这让我想起一个统计学笑话 Who drowned in a pool with an average height of 10 inches. You see you cannot tell the height or the depth rather 在一个平均水深为10英寸的游泳池里 谁会被淹死只知道平均值 Of a pool based on the average. Because that pool may be average of 10 inches, 并不知道游泳池的水深由于该池平均10英寸深 But maybe it has places that are 20 feet deep, if it's a large pool. 或许它某些区域有20英尺深如果它是一个大水池的话 The same when you look at the average of individuals and twins. The majority on average, they are extremely similar. 同样 当你平均地看这些双胞胎大体来说 他们都极其相似 But there are also outliers. And very often, it's the outliers, 但也有少数的异常值很多时候 这个异常值 The differences that are the most interesting. Because they stretch 这些差异最有趣因为他们 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517472.html