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美语情景对话 第141期:香港 HongKong

Todd: OK, we're here with Laura. Hello! 大家好,今天我们请到的是Laura。 Laura: Hi! 嗨! Todd: Hi! Now, Laura, where you are from? 嗨!Laura,你来自哪里? Laura: I'm from Hong Kong. 我来自香港。 Todd: Hong Kong. That's great. So tell us about Hong Kong. 香港。太棒了。你给我们讲讲香港吧。 Laura: Well, it's a country for people, and well, when I ask my friends would they love Hong Kong they just say, Oh well, many good cheap things to buy, what, so many, a lot of delicious dishes, what, so. 好,这是个很适合人们居住的地方。每次我问我朋友会不会爱上香港的时候他们都会回答说,哦,会,那儿的东西很便宜而且食物都很好吃。 Laura: And Hong Kong is a really big modern city, with tall, tall buildings. 而且香港是个非常大的现代化城市,有很多摩天大楼。 Todd: Do you live downtown where all the tall buildings are? 你是住在大楼遍地的市区吗? Laura: When, I'm in the city. I live in the 24th floor. 嗯,我住在市区,我家在24层。 Todd: The 24th floor. 24层。 Laura: So my brother live in 44. 我哥哥住44层。 Todd: Wow! 哇! Laura: It's amazing right? 很神奇吧? Todd: Yeah, that's insane. Wow 对呀,哇,那太疯狂了。 Laura: So just for residential users we have very tall buildings. 所以说仅仅是居民区就都是高楼大厦。 Todd: Oh, OK. What's the best thing about Hong Kong? 哦,好。香港最好的部分是什么? Laura: Well, what do you mean? 嗯,什么意思? Todd: Like what's something that is really nice about living in Hong Kong? 就是说住在香港哪点好? Laura: Mm! 嗯! Todd: It's kind of hard. I'm sorry. On the spot. How about the food? Does Hong Kong have really good food? 一时间还真有点儿难说。食物?香港有很多美食吗? Laura: Maybe a lot of choice. So you have different kind of cuisine, like Japanese food, Chinese food, Western food, well, a lot of choice. 大概会有很多选择。你会品尝到不同种类的美食,像日式菜,中餐,西餐,还有很多其他选择。 Todd: OK. And the people of Hong Kong, do they all speak different types of Chinese? 好。香港人讲各种中国方言吗? Laura: Well, mainly Cantonese, but sometimes, well in school they usually speak English. 嗯,主要是说广东话,而在学校他们通常说英语。 Todd: Really! 是嘛! Laura: Yes, now because well, we are a part of China, so we usually, we have to learn Mandarin as well. 是的,但现在因为我们也算是中国的一部分,所以我们不得不学普通话。 Todd: OK, so you speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. 好,所以说你会说普通话,广东话和英语。 Laura: Well, you can say that. 对,可以这么说。 Todd: That's amazing. OK, thanks a lot. 太棒了,好的,非常感谢。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517483.html