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美语情景对话 第142期:房子 House

Todd: OK, Clare we're going to talk about your house. Clare,我们谈谈你的房子吧。 Clare: OK. 好的。 Todd: OK, do you live in a big house or a small house? 好,你住的是大房子还是小房子? Clare: I live in quite a big house. 我住的是一个相当大的房子。 Todd: A big house. Really! 是嘛!住的是大房子啊! Clare: Mm! 嗯哼! Todd: OK, how many rooms does it have? 那房子有多少房间啊? Clare: About 12. 12间! Todd: Jeez! 12 rooms. 呀!天哪!12间! Clare: Yeah. 对呀。 Todd: Wow. Is it a new house or old house? 哇,那是新房子还是老房子啊? Clare: It's about 80 years old. 差不多有80年了。 Todd: Wow. OK. I guess. well that's old for America, but that's probably not very old. 哇,我想那一定很棒。对于美国来说是很古老,但它实际上可能不会有那么古老。 Clare: That's not very old for England. 对于英国来说就没那么古老了。 Todd: Wow. OK. What is in your kitchen? 哇,好的,厨房里都有什么啊? Clare: A big round table and a cooker. 一个大圆桌和厨具。 Todd: OK. And what is in the living room? 好的,那客厅都有什么呢? Clare: A TV and a video. 一台电视机和影碟机。 Todd: OK. Do you watch TV a lot? 好。你经常看电视吗? Clare: Yes. 是的。 Todd: OK. Uh, what do you watch on TV? 哦,你都看什么节目? Clare: Anything. I don't really like watching sport. 什么都看。我就是不太喜欢看体育频道。 Todd: Oh. 哦。 Clare: like watching TV series. 我喜欢看电视连续剧。 Todd: Oh, wow, that's the only thing I like is sports 哦,这样啊,但体育频道是我唯一喜欢的。 Clare: Some sports are OK. I don't like watching golf, snooker, and sports like that. 其实一部分球类比赛还好,我就是不喜欢看高尔夫,斯诺克之类的运动。 Todd: Yeah. OK. Great. Thanks. 哦,好的,我知道了。谢谢。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/517484.html