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非典型孤独(Atypical) 第01季 第04集 第07期

我会把知识点编进嘻哈歌曲 I like to make things into a rap, 比如世界历史 like world history. *北美殖民战争是何时* *When was the French and Indian War?* *1754年* *Oh, that was 1754* *为啥不是1763年* *Was it not 1763?* *那年他们签订和平条约* *Nah, that's when they signed The peace treaty* -你在写关于我的事吗 -嗯 - Are you writing stuff about me? - Yes. 我能看看吗 Can I-- can I see it? 不能 No. 我有件事要坦白 I have a confession to make. 我想你们的小脸蛋了 I have missed your little faces. 还有你的大脸 And your big face. 我要做个特别的家庭晚餐 So, I'm gonna make a very special family dinner 都是你们爱吃的 with all your favorite foods. 道格是冰淇淋苹果派 Doug, apple pie à la mode. 没错 自己做吗 Yes! From scratch? 没错 自己做 Oh, yeah, from scratch. 山姆是鸡柳条 Sam, chicken fingers. -我喜欢的牌子 -没错 - From the box? - From the box. 凯西是培根包无花果 And, Casey, bacon-wrapped figs. -我两年没吃猪肉了 -那就无花果 - I haven't eaten pork in two years. - Then figs. 不能不吃吗 Can my special dish be "Not coming"? 不行 超市没卖这种东西 Nope. They were all out of that at the market. 明晚不见不散 It's tomorrow night, so be there or be square. 山姆 你胳膊怎么样了 还好吗 Sam, how's your arm? Is it okay? 嗯 你问我六次了 Yes, and you've asked me that six times. 我之前就说没事 现在会有什么不同吗 It was fine then. Why would it be different now? 亲爱的 他应该没事 Honey, he seems okay. 别自责了 Stop beating up on yourself. 好吗 You know? 天啊 你怎么了 Jesus! What's the matter with you? 静电 Static. -是吗 -嗯 - Yeah? - Yeah. 茱莉娅 Julia. 道格·加德纳 我是山姆的父亲 Doug Gardner. I'm Sam's father. 道格 Hi, Doug! -我们见过 -对 抱歉 - We met before. - Yeah, sorry. -我没想到会遇到熟人 -没事 - I wasn't expecting to see anyone. - That's okay. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/Atypical-01-04-7.html