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闪电侠(The Flash) 第02季 第10集 第13期

这是一个陷阱 It was a trap. 极速设下的陷进 Zoom set a trap 为了向警方展示他们无法抓住他 in order to show the police that they could not stop him. 而且他还杀害了十四名警察 And he killed 14 officers. 男女都有 简直是一场屠杀 Men and women. Slaughtered them. 只留下了一个活口讲述事情的经过 Left one alive to tell what happened. 那个警察的描述是 That officer desCRIbed 有一道蓝光 blue lightning 极速闪过 "Zooming" all about. 瞬间他的战友们 As his comrades, 他全副武装的兄弟姐妹们 brothers and sisters in arms, 全部被杀死了 were murdered. 那名警察 That officer... 认为自己是个幸运儿 considered himself to be a lucky one, 能够逃过这一劫来讲述这场灾难 spared in order to tell the tale. 直到极速去他家杀害他的那晚 Until Zoom went to his house that night and killed him too. 总之 这就是"极速"这绰号的由来 Anyway, that's how he got the nickname "Zoom". 如果你需要我用震波 If you ever need me to vibe... 让你知道你女儿是否还活着 so you can know if she's still alive-- 她还活着 She's alive. 好的 Right. -不 -不 - No! - No! 你的表情非常怪异 You have a really weird look on your face. -我看着很怪吗 -没 没有 - Do I look weird? - No, no. 你看上去很梦幻 You...Look...Like a dream. 你也非常帅 You look very handsome. 我迫不及待想看看那幅画了 I can't wait to see this painting. 什么画 What painting? 那幅画 The painting. Uh, yeah. 我也很期待 Me too, um, yeah. 我们还是先聊聊吧 How about we talk first? 我就等你说这句话呢 I thought you'd never ask. 我看不透你 巴里·艾伦 I can't figure you out, Barry Allen. 因为我在极力 That is because I work hard 隐藏真实的自己 to hide who I really am. 你不必对我隐藏 You don't have to hide with me. 我只是必须 I just have to 十分信任某人 really trust someone 才能把真相告诉他们 if they're gonna know the truth. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/The-Flash-02-10-13.html