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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第04季 第06集 第25期

你记得清楚吗 Do you remember it well? 清楚 先生 Yes, sir. 那你记不记得 你听到 Then do you remember what time it was 海灵格上尉被袭击时 是几点钟 that you heard this attack on Captain Hellinger? 因为时差的关系 我总是等到 I always wait until close to midnight 临近午夜时分给我女友发邮件 to e-mail my girlfriend, because with the time difference. 所以 我记得我听到他们争吵时 So, I remember I was waiting 正在等我女友的回复 for an e-mail back when I heard the fight. 那时大概是0点15分 It was about 0015. 0点15分 向我等在座的平民说明一下 0015. So, for the benefit of us civilians, 那是已过午夜了 对吗 that's after midnight? 是的 过了15分钟 Yes, 15 minutes after. 他想干什么 What's he after? 请看辩方证物丁 法官阁下 Defense Exhibit D, Your Honor. 是沃特斯先生的预备役部署命令 Mr. Waters' reserve deployment orders. 正如您所看到的 And as you can see, 沃特斯先生就在当天午夜 Mr. Waters was officially called up to active duty 被正式征召入伍 as of that very same midnight. 反对 法官阁下 Objection, Your Honor! 你有什么可反对的 福瑞克女士 What could you possibly object to, Mrs. Florrick? 你已证实你方观点 You proved your point. 即沃特斯先生袭击了你的当事人 Mr. Waters attacked your client. 我没有 I did not! 但在袭击发生时 But at the time of the attack, 他已不再是马氏保安公司的员工了 he was no longer working for Martinel Security. 只过了15分钟 法官阁下 By 15 minutes, Your Honor. 不管是15分钟还是15秒 It doesn't matter if it was 15 seconds. 那时他已是现役军人了 He was in the Army on active duty 因此他受到费尔法例的保护 and therefore protected by Feres v. the United States. 海灵格上尉依法不能起诉他 And Captain Hellinger is barred by law from suing him. -法官阁下 -福瑞克女士 - Your Honor. - Mrs. Florrick, 你可以尽可能地去证实事发时间 you will have every opportunity to verify the timeline, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/The-Good-Wife-04-06-25.html