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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第05季 第04集 第16期

你得拿到那些文件 You need to get those files. 艾丽西娅 Alicia? 戴安 近来如何 Diane. How are you? 我体验了一番 You know, I just got a glimpse 远离律所与工作的生活 of what my life would look like if I'd never started this firm. -然后呢 -我喜欢 - And? - Yeah, I liked it. 我非常喜欢 I liked it a lot. 走吧 Shall we? 我理解你的挫败感 但不是那回事 I understand your frustration, but it isn't what it seems. 那是个玩笑 It was a joke. 恶作剧而已 A prank. That's all. -哪里看出来这是个玩笑 -我们知道 - In what way was it a joke? - Look, we all 莱曼午睡时不穿裤子 knew Lyman slept off his lunch without his pants on. 于是我们发了几封邮件给几个律师助理 And we'd sent out some e-mails to some of the paralegals. 男的女的我们都发了 Not just the women. It was the men, too. 你用霍华德的账户给克里斯发邮件 So you sent this e-mail to Chrissy from Howard's account? 是的 Yes. -还没商量好我的离职补偿金 -不 - Still haven't negotiated my exit package yet. - No. 我们已经商量好了 你没接受而已 We've negotiated your package. You just haven't accepted it. 你到底想不想和我谈 Do you want to talk or not? 把枪支管制案给我 Give me my gun control case, 让我完成桑娅·洛克的合同 and let me finish out the Sonya Rucker contract, 然后我就答应你的条款 and I will agree to the terms. 你会留住你的客户吗 You'll keep your clients in house? 我尽量 I'll do everything I can. 还有件事 One more thing. 使我免于本案的赔偿 Indemnify me against this case. -霍华德·莱曼这事就是胡扯 -那就好 - This Howard Lyman thing is B.S. - Good. 那就给我保障 Then indemnify me. 好的 Sure. 你想要什么都行 Whatever you want. 祝好运 Good luck. 惨淡收场 Not with a bang. 输入合伙人密码 警告 文件正在使用中 警告 文件正在使用中 识别当前使用者 福瑞克 你在做什么 What are you doing? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/The-Good-Wife-05-04-16.html