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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第05季 第04集 第17期

我 我在 W-What am I...? 桑娅·洛克合同 The Sonya Rucker contract. 什么 Excuse me? 你在下载我的文件 You're downloading my file. 我打开不了 I couldn't access it. 不 我 No, I, um... 我想我弄错了 I-I think I stumbled... 艾丽西娅 我和威尔说了 这是我的案子 Alicia, I talked to Will; it's my case. 有防火墙保护的 There's a firewall protecting it. 抱歉 我弄错了 Look, my mistake. 怎么样了 How'd it go? 我还得再待几个小时 Oh, I have to stay a few hours. 好吧 我一会儿再来 Okay, I'll come back. 我想见你的朋友们 库尔特 I want to meet your friends, Kurt, 你最好的朋友们 your best friends. -为什么 -你不觉得奇怪吗 - Why? - Don't you find it odd 我们已经谈婚论嫁 that we've been talking about marriage 但我从未见过你的朋友 and I've never met a single one of your friends? 不 No. 这和昨天你的朋友们有关吧 Is this about your friends yesterday? 你记得他们的名字吗 Do you remember their names? 不 No. 这重要吗 Is that important? 我想见你的朋友 I want to meet your friends. 进洛&加律所前 Uh, before Lockhart/Gardner, 你在霍夫曼&罗丝律所工作 you worked at Hoffman/Ross. 对吗 Is that correct? 是的 怎么了 Yes, why? 你有没有指控过你那时的老板 And did you ever make an accusation against your boss there? 怎么 这是要搞撒网式盘查吗 What, is this a fishing expedition? 是的 It is. 还好我们只是在录证词 Luckily it's a deposition. 你有没有指控过你那时的老板 克里斯 Did you ever make an accusation against your boss there, Chrissy? 洛&加律所手机上的短信我们还保存着 'Cause we have the texts on your Lockhart/ Gardner cell phone. 国家安全局那一套你耍得很溜嘛 How very NSA of you. 这是公司的手机 公司的财产 It's our cell phones, our property. 你有没有对你之前的雇主提出过指控 Did you ever make an accusation against your previous boss? 没正式指控过 Not an official accusation. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/The-Good-Wife-05-04-17.html