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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第20期

你们读过《金翅雀》吗 Have you read The Goldfinch? 那本书写得真好 It's such beautiful writing. 内容都是关于艺术和生活 It's all about art and life. 你们或许在想 So, you're probably wondering -为什么我要和你们见面 -不 - why I needed to meet with you... - No... 我在考虑参选州检察官 I'm thinking of running for state's attorney. 我需要和你们谈谈 And I needed to talk to you 在媒体面前该说和不该说的一些事 about a few dos and don'ts regarding talking to the press. -你要干嘛 -参选 - You're what? - Running. -参选州检察官 -为什么 - For state's attorney. - Why? 我认为自己能胜任 I think I could do a good job of it. 那你的本职工作律师怎么办呢 How does this work with you being a lawyer? 在竞选过程中我仍然会跟进 Well, I'll still have my ongoing cases 我手头现有的案子 that I'll be involved with during my campaign. 但如果你赢了 你就得辞职 But if you win, you'll have to quit. 是的 我会成为州检察官 Yes, I'll be state's attorney. 这种想法是哪儿来的 艾丽西娅 Where does this come from, Alicia? 那接下来是我要你们做的事 So here's what I need from you two. 我的团队对于你们两人生活中的 My team worries that there are -某些状况感到忧虑 -"我的团队" - some issues in your life-- both your lives... - "My team"? 你已经谈到团队了 You're-you're already talking about a team? 为什么不出去旅游呢 巴厘岛就很好 Why not just take a trip? You'd love Bali. 这是空巢综合症 This is empty nest syndrome. 我看过的一本书上写道 You know, I read this great book about it... 妈妈 你是否在一家百货商店里 Mom, did you hit a kid 揍了一个小孩 in a department store? 什么 What? 你是否在布劳沃德服装店揍了一个 Did you hit a five-year-old kid named Greg Weymouth 名叫格雷格·韦茅斯的5岁小孩 in Browards' dress department? 瞎说 That's crazy. 你从哪儿听来的 Where'd you hear that? 监控录像拍到的 It was videotaped. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/The-Good-Wife-06-04-20.html