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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第04集 第21期

等等 你在开玩笑吧 Wait, are you kidding? 太赞了 This is fantastic. 我就打了下屁股 没有揍他 It was a spanking. I didn't hit him. 他的父母正考虑起诉你 Well, his parents are thinking of suing. 我是帮他们的忙 I was doing them a favor. 那孩子在店里跑来跑去 大声喧哗 That kid was running around the store, yelling. 还碰翻东西 我那是 He was knocking over things. It was... 为民除害 A public service. 是的 虽然你取笑我 但的确是的 Yes. Even though you're making fun of me, it was. 我为你和孩子父母安排了一次会面 Well, I set up an appointment with the parents. -我需要你向他们道歉 -不 - I need you to apologize. - No. 他们应该向我道歉 They should apologize to me. 我是帮他们的忙 I was doing them a favor. 妈妈 我需要你为我这么做 Mom, I need you to do this for me. 这事会上新闻的 It will become a news item. 现在 欧文 Now, Owen... 什么 我做了什么 What? Um, what did I do? -你还是跟我到厨房来吧 -等等 - Why don't you join me in the kitchen. - Wait, 为什么欧文有隐私权而我没有 why does Owen get privacy and I didn't? 因为我的事情更糟糕 Because mine's way worse. 他们找到那具尸体了 They just discovered the body. 你小心吗 Are you careful? 我小心吗 Am I careful? 应该吧 你指什么 I... tend to be. What-what do you mean? 安全性行为 近几年来 Safe sex. HIV rates 艾滋病感染率在稳步攀升 have been steadily climbing in the past few years. 我很好 I'm all good, 姐姐 别为我担心了 Sis. Don't worry your little head. 菲尔有家室 你知道吗 Phil's married. Did you know that? 谁是菲尔 Who's Phil? 他还出演同志A片 而且 He also performs in gay porn without... 不采取安全措施 protection. 他们调查我的背景 They looked into my background. 同时 他们也会调查我家人的背景 And when they did, they looked into my family's, too. 欧文 Owen. 欧文 Owen. 欧文要去哪儿 Where's Owen going? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171206/The-Good-Wife-06-04-21.html