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He makes you feel that if you only had a little more time, you, too, might be an inventor. He has a humorous and poetic side, too. His dominating passion is his love for children. He is never quite so happy as when he has a little deaf child in his arms. His labours in behalf of the deaf will live on and bless generations of children yet to come; and we love him alike for what he himself has achieved and for what he has evoked from others. 同他在一起,你不禁会产生出这样的感觉,假如你只有有限的一点时间,那么,你也有可能成为一个发明家。当然,他的身上也具有幽默和诗情画意的一面。不妨说,他对孩子们的那份爱是发自肺腑的。当他把一个失聪的小孩抱在怀里时,他简直高兴得无以复加。他为了聋哑人的利益而付出的劳动,将保佑一代又一代儿童健康成长。我们爱他,不只是因为他所取得的伟大成就,还因为他唤醒了他人心中的希望。 During the two years I spent in New York I had many opportunities to talk with distinguished people whose names I had often heard, but whom I had never expected to meet. Most of them I met first in the house of my good friend, Mr. Laurence Hutton. It was a great privilege to visit him and dear Mrs. Hutton in their lovely home, and see their library and read the beautiful sentiments and bright thoughts gifted friends had written for them. It has been truly said that Mr. Hutton has the faculty of bringing out in every one the best thoughts and kindest sentiments. One does not need to read "A Boy I Knew" to understand him—the most generous, sweet-natured boy I ever knew, a good friend in all sorts of weather, who traces the footprints of love in the life of dogs as well as in that of his fellowmen. 我在纽约生活的两年间,曾有很多机会同那些耳熟能详的著名人物交谈,但是我决不会去刻意求见他们。他们中的很多人在同我见过一次面后就成了好朋友,比如劳伦斯·休顿先生。我曾十分荣幸地拜访过他和贤惠的休顿夫人,我还参观了他家的图书馆,并且读到了他的天才朋友们写给他们的留言,这些留言饱含感情,不乏真知灼见。你确实可以这样说,休顿先生能够把每一个人的优秀思想和善良品质发掘出来,他的确具有这样的本事。一个人不必阅读《我所认识的一个男孩》就可以了解他——他是我认识的最慷慨、最善良的男孩;也是那种在任何情况下都对你不离不弃的好朋友。在生活的漫漫征途中,他会一路寻着爱的足迹,并从中找到他的手足同胞。 Mrs. Hutton is a true and tried friend. Much that I hold sweetest, much that I hold most precious, I owe to her. She has oftenest advised and helped me in my progress through college. When I find my work particularly difficult and discouraging, she writes me letters that make me feel glad and brave; 休顿夫人也是那种患难见真情的朋友。我被浓浓的友情所包围,我拥有了最珍贵的礼物,这一切都要归功于她。她不遗余力地对我谆谆教诲,而且帮助我完成了大学的学业。每当我在学习中身处困境而心灰意冷时,她就会写信鼓励我,让我重新燃起斗志。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171209/518347.html