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美国语文第五册 第203期:不经风雨 怎见彩虹(02)

The best seminary of learning that can open its portals to you can do no more than to afford you the opportunity of instruction; 一流的学业教育为你开启通往世界的大门,除却花费你能付出的金钱,为你提供铸型机会, but it must depend, at last, on yourselves, whether you will be instructed or not, or to what point you will push your instruction. 仅此而已,绝不更多,因此,最终还是依靠你自己,无论你能否获得他人指导,或推动自己达到何等高度。 And of this be assured, I speak from observation a certain truth: There is no excellence without great labor. 我说的这一点可以确定,那是我来自观察的事实真相:不经风雨,怎见彩虹? It is the fiat of fate, from which no power of genius can absolve you. 命运法则旨在于此,没有任何天才可以逃逸或逃离其外。 Genius, unexerted, is like the poor moth that flutters around a candle till it scorches itself to death. 自发萌生的天才,有点像追逐火光的可怜飞蛾,它们不停地拍动双翼,直到完全被生生烤焦。 If genius be desirable at all, it is only of that great and magnanimous kind, 天才是否让所有人称心如意?恐怕唯有那些高尚宽宏的慈悲之心才能做到。 which, like the condor of South America, pitches from the summit of Chimborazo, above the clouds, 在我们高山仰止的天国,恣意快乐地飞翔, and sustains itself at pleasure in that empyreal region with an energy rather invigorated than weakened by the effort. 它们与生俱来的激情四溢,并非因努力而气竭力衰。 It is this capacity for high and long-continued exertion, this vigorous power of profound and searching investigation, 渴望升华,不懈努力,通过对充满活力的个体深入周密地调查后, this careering and wide-spreading comprehension of mind, and these long reaches of thought, 我们感叹成功之道在于:快捷的行为,宽泛的理解,思想经年不变的执著,方能 that Pluck bright honor from the pale-faced moon, Or dive into the bottom of the deep, And pluck up drowned honor by the locks; 飞天月球摘取荣誉之光;潜龙深海攫获珍贵声望”。 this is the prowess, and these the hardy achievements, which are to enroll your names among the great men of the earth. 唯有那些具有超凡勇气和惊人胆略的人,那些玉汝以成成就大业的人,方能与英雄伟人同样彪炳史册。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180208/535096.html