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美国语文第五册 第204期:老钟

Oh! the old, old clock of the household stock, 哦,那座世代家传的, Was the brightest thing, and neatest; 漂亮精致的,老钟, Its hands, though old, had a touch of gold, 镀过金的,老迈指针, And its chimes rang still the sweetest; 钟声,言语不多, it was a monitor, too, though its words were few, 岁月监工下,耄耋老人 Yet they lived, though nations altered; 目睹,历史烽烟沧桑几度。 And its voice, still strong, warned old and young, 钟声,依然响亮悦耳, When the voice of friendship faltered: 似乎,不停地告诫众人, "Tick! tick!" it said, quick, quick, to bed: “叮当!叮当!赶快起床,” For ten I've given warning; 悠悠十载,我熟悉的声音, Up! up! and go, or else you know, 快点!起床!我知道, You'll never rise soon in the morning! 你总是懒惰,早起人太多。 A friendly voice was that old, old clock, 角落里老钟,默默微笑伫立, As it stood in the corner smiling, 不停地叮当,像位熟识老友, And blessed the time with merry chime, 快乐地报时,祈祷庸常时光, The wintry hours beguiling; 阴郁的日子,仍然开心走过。 But a cross old voice was that tiresome clock, 可那件古董,多少有点讨厌, As it called at daybreak boldly; 每逢黎明破晓,它总刺耳鸣叫, When the dawn looked gray o'er the misty way, 灰蒙蒙窗外,路上阴霾浓重, And the early air looked coldly: 冰寒地冻, 狂风刺骨呼啸, "Tick! tick!" it said, quick out of bed: “叮当!叮当!赶快起床,” For five I've given warning; 清晨刚过五点,催促声声不断, You'll never have health, you'll never have wealth, 如果赖床不起,结局当然不妙, Unless you're up soon in the morning! 你的健康财富,将从手中溜掉。 Still hourly the sound goes round and round, 每一时辰报时,走马穿梭进行, With a tone that ceases never: 与生俱来音调,不曾歇息片刻, While tears are shed for bright days fled, 安宁岁月流逝,泪水静静流淌, And the old friends lost forever! 那些熟悉身影,已经离开很久! Its heart beats on, though hearts are gone, That beat like ours, though stronger; 虽然身随风去,音容笑貌如旧,今生不再握手,气息依然徘徊; Its hands still move, though hands we love 依恋那些双手,尚在风中挥舞; Are clasped on earth no longer! 此生此世泯笑,断然终究难逢。 "Tick! tick!" it said, to the churchyard bed, “叮当!叮当!赶快起床,” The grave hath given warning; 时钟不断警告,催促濒死之人, Up! up! and rise, and look at the skies, 看看外面天空,快点走向墓地, And prepare for a heavenly morning! 伸手拥抱迎接,天堂新的日出! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180209/535419.html