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And we think that this alignment is necessary for communication. 我们认为有效沟通必须有这样的较准。 For example, as you can tell, I am not a native English speaker. 举个例子,你们都听得出来英语并不是我的母语。 I grew up with another language, and the same might be for many of you in the audience. 我在另一种语言环境中长大,你们当中很多人可能也是如此。 And still, we can communicate. How come? 尽管如此,我们依然可以沟通,为什么呢? We think we can communicate because we have this common code that presents meaning. 我们认为,能沟通是因为我们有表达语意的共通代码。 So far, I've only talked about what's happening in the listener's brain, 目前为止,我只谈到听者大脑里发生的情况, in your brain, when you're listening to talks. 以及你聆听时大脑内的情况。 But what's happening in the speaker's brain, in my brain, when I'm speaking to you? 但讲者脑内的情况,在我对你们说话时,我的脑内是什么情况呢? To look in the speaker's brain, we asked the speaker to go into the scanner, 为了观察讲者的大脑,我们请求讲者进入仪器接受扫描, we scan his brain and then compare his brain responses to the brain responses of the listeners listening to the story. 然后比较他的大脑和听者听故事时的大脑反应。 You have to remember that producing speech and comprehending speech are very different processes. 要记得,发言和理解话语的过程是大不相同的。 Here we're asking: How similar are they? 我们可能会问:它们有多相似呢? To our surprise, we saw that all these complex patterns within the listeners actually came from the speaker brain. 令我们惊讶的是,我们看到,听者之间的所有这些复杂波形,实际上都源自演讲者的大脑。 So production and comprehension rely on very similar processes. 所以,讲话和理解依赖非常类似的过程。 And we also found the stronger the similarity between the listener's brain and the speaker's brain, the better the communication. 我们也发现,听者和讲者的大脑越是近似,他们的沟通就越顺畅。 So I know that if you are completely confused now, 所以我知道,如果你们现在完全听不懂我的话, and I do hope that this is not the case, your brain responses are very different than mine. 我希望不会出现这种情况,那么,你们的大脑反应就会与我的非常不同。 But I also know that if you really understand me now, 但我也知道,若你此刻真正理解我所说的, then your brain ... and your brain ... and your brain are really similar to mine. 那么,你的脑、你的脑和你的脑,就会与我的非常相似。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180211/536066.html