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最美小镇 The Most Beautiful Town

I like to read travel information. It attracts me all the time, because I have planned my future trips for a long time. I don’t like to go to big cities. The tall buildings and crowded people make me feel uncomfortable. I am in favored of natural green, so the small towns with local features attract me most. 我喜欢看旅游讯息。它总是能吸引我,因为我很久之前就计划将来要去旅游了。我不喜欢去大城市,高楼大厦和拥挤的人群让我感觉不舒服。我喜欢天然的绿色,所以有本地特色的小城镇最吸引我。 Once I read a book introduced many beautiful towns around the world. The first sight I saw the pictures, I fell in love with these towns immediately. The towns in Switzerland are admitted to be haven in the earth. There are green trees around and the environment is such clean that the pollution seems to be away from there. I am so surprised by the great environment, which I have never seen in my life. 我曾经看过一本书,里面介绍了很多世界各地美丽的城镇。我一看到图片就立刻爱上了这些城镇。瑞士的城镇被视为地球上的天堂,绿树环绕,环境也很干净,在这里似乎也没有污染问题。我很惊讶还有这样的环境,我从未见过这样的美景。 Pollution has been serious problem today. It changes my hometown. The clean river no longer exists and the rubbish can been seen everywhere. That’s why I want to find the most beautiful town. I want to be close to the nature and enjoy the clean environment. Protecting the environment is needed.  如今污染已经是很严重的问题了,它改变了我的家乡,干净的河流不再存在,垃圾到处可见。这也就是为什么我想要找到最美丽的小镇的原因。我想要接近自然,感受那干净的环境。保护环境刻不容缓。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180211/The-Most-Beautiful-Town.html