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《美少女的谎言》第03季 第102期:我要挽回托比

Okay, I understand you're really upset right now, 我知道你现在很不安 but can you please just look at this? 但求你看一眼这个 It's a photo of Maya. 这是玛雅的照片 Yeah, I saw it. 是的 我之前见过 I found it on her website last night, Spence. 我昨晚在她的主页找到的 斯宾塞 Look. There is a stamp on her wrist 看 她手腕上的印章 that matches the one Emily remembers from that night. 和艾米丽那晚的记忆刚好吻合 Holden really did see her there. Yep. 霍顿真的在那里看到她了 是的 Why are you not all go-go-gadget about this? 你为什么对这个一点都不惊奇呢 This is big! This is a real link between Maya and that night. 这是大发现 这是玛雅与那晚的真正联系 Look! 你看 Aria, I can't do this anymore, okay? 艾瑞亚 我不能在查这些了 好吗 I cannot keep running around looking for clues, 我不能继续东奔西跑寻找线索了 I can't spend hours hacking into websites. 也不能花时间在入侵网站上了 Five days ago I literally forgot to apply to college. 五天前 我居然忘了寄大学申请信 Do you get that? 你明白吗 Thanks. Thanks. 谢谢 谢谢 First I drive Toby out of town, and now this. 先是逼托比离开镇上 现在又这事 Hey, it was just the early admissions deadline. 那只是第一批招生截止日期 You can still get in. 你还有机会申请的 It's gonna be okay. 不会有问题的 Upenn has been my dream school since I was eight, Aria, 宾州大学是我从小到大的梦想 艾瑞亚 and yesterday I found my dream crumpled up in the bottom of a bag 昨天我发现我的梦想差点被 underneath my A.P. French and my physics homework. 我的法语进修课和物理作业毁掉 Which, by the way, I got a "B" On."B." 我的分数是B 是B So no, everything is not gonna be okay! 所以有大问题了 I'm dropping my Velma act. 我不要扮演维尔玛了 From now on, I'm Daphne. 从今天起 我是达芙妮 Because I have got a boyfriend to get back, 我要挽回我的男朋友 and I have a college to get into. 我还要申请大学 I think you're confusing 我想你误会了 which Scooby-Doo character would have gotten into an Ivy League. 史努比中哪个角色最终进了常青藤大学的 And both Velma and Daphne solve CRIme. 维尔玛和达芙妮都可以破案 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/536308.html