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美国语文第五册 第211期:很久以前的小岛

Oh, a wonderful stream is the river of Time, 噢,一条神奇的时光之河, As it runs through the realm of tears, 苦难深重,在泪水的眼眸流过, With a faultless rhythm and a musical rhyme, 潺潺有声,拍响訇然震天旋律, And a boundless sweep and a surge sublime, 奔流穿行,万里江天山川寥廓, As it blends with the ocean of Years. 涤荡汹涌,融入大海安宁怀抱。 How the winters are drifting, like flakes of snow, 雪花片片,雍积在晦暗的冬日, And the summers, like buds between; 蓓蕾新绽,见证夏天炙热如火, And the year in the sheaf—so they come and they go, 成束难忘,悲哀或欢乐的日子, On the river's breast, with its ebb and flow, 它悄悄地来,如同它悄悄地走, As it glides in the shadow and sheen. 冬去春来,潮涨潮落不变的歌。 There's a magical isle up the river of Time, 时光河流,有一座神奇小岛, Where the softest of airs are playing; 风和日丽,幻想在梦境萦绕, There's a cloudless sky and a tropical clime, 天空湛蓝,苍山远近碧如洗, And a song as sweet as a vesper chime, 六月玫瑰,微风送暗香缕缕, And the Junes with the roses are staying. 暮钟敲起,夕阳落尽入晚祷。 And the name of that isle is the Long Ago, 小岛还在,尘封已久的记忆, And we bury our treasures there; 不期撒落,时光的珠玑珍宝, There are brows of beauty and bosoms of snow— 韶华易逝,良辰美景奈何天? There are heaps of dust—but we love them so!— 往事如烟,生死无常春不在, There are trinkets and tresses of hair; 鬓发如霜,转眼青丝人已老。 There are fragments of song that nobody sings, 芬芳犹在,寂寞红尘无人吟唱, And a part of an infant's prayer, 生命轮回,悄然为新生命祈祷, There's a lute unswept, and a harp without strings; 竖琴无弦,渺渺知音何处再觅? There are broken vows and pieces of rings, 花飞花落,海誓山盟牵手走过。 And the garments that she used to wear. 无言结局,真情几许为谁泪抛? There are hands that are waved, when the fairy shore 寂寞海滩,白皙的手依然挥舞, By the mirage is lifted in air; 仿佛听见,那声甜美穿越风暴, And we sometimes hear, through the turbulent roar, 海市蜃楼,恍惚如梦风云际会, Sweet voices we heard in the days gone before, 蓦然回头,幽魂倩影回眸难觅, When the wind down the river is fair. 沧桑阅尽,云淡风轻细水长绕。 Oh, remembered for aye be the blessed Isle, 哦,难以忘怀,庄严神圣的小岛, All the day of our life till night— 春走到冬,生走到死,直到 When the evening comes with its beautiful smile, 死神来临,带着那迷人微笑, And our eyes are closing to slumber awhile, 歇息片刻,合上疲倦的双眼, May that “Greenwood.” of Soul be in sight 青山绿水,揽你入永久怀抱。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/536310.html