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骑士与少女 第220期:复习检测(21)

And so now I told you we refer to this before in 312 我告诉你们我们在312页之前提及过 You need to know this for the test 你们要知道这是考试要考的 This is very important, this family tree it's significant in what happens 这个很重要 这是家谱 发生的事都很重要 And they tell you that this pedigree is a vital part, 他们告诉你这个家谱是至关重要的部分 A vital part, a word he likes, of the tragedy of king Arthur 至关重要 他喜欢这个词 亚瑟王的悲剧 And we're skipping about five lines, it deals with the reasons 我们跳过五行 讲的是原因 Why the young man came to grief at the end 为什么这个年轻人在最后很不幸 It is the tragedy, the Aristotelian and comprehensive tragedy of sin coming home to roost 是悲剧 亚里士多德学派的罪恶的悲剧 回家栖息 Now when I read this the first time before I got all the way to the end, 当我第一次读的时候 读到结尾之前 So the author could refute what I was already thinking 作者能够驳倒我的想法 I wrote down on the column next to it, 我在它旁边的栏目写下 'What sin?' 什么罪恶 What is Arthur guilty of? 亚瑟有什么罪恶 He committed no active sin 他没承认有什么罪恶 He didn't know who Morgause was 他不知道谁是Morgause And if he's enchanted, he has all kinds of convenient outs 如果他被施魔法了 他就有各种方便了 that I could see somebody before some kind of council tribunal would say 我能看见有人在某种裁决会上说 'No, No, I don't remember!' 不 不 我不记得了 'I was bewitched!' 我是被蛊惑的 'It's not my fault' 不是我的错 It doesn't matter, is what our author says 这个不要紧 我们的作者说 If something's wrong, even if you're innocent 如果出问题了 即使你是无辜的 If you had no fault in doing it, if you did it in ignorance 如果你这么做没错 如果你无知的去做了 You're still guilty 你还是有罪的 I don't know, I have trouble with this 我不知道 我不完全认同 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/536311.html