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骑士与少女 第221期:复习检测(22)

The king had slept with his own sister 国王跟他的亲姐妹一起上过床 He did not know he was doing so, 他并不知道他正在这么做 and perhaps it may have been due to her, well of course it was due to her! 也许是因为她的原因 当然了肯定是她的原因 Aren't women are always to blame? 女人们不是一直被责怪吗 But it seems, I was just kidding I'm kidding I'm kidding, kidding, kidding 但是似乎 我只是开玩笑 我开玩笑 我就是开玩笑 开玩笑 开玩笑 But it seems in tragedy, that innocence is not enough 但是似乎悲剧性的 清白并不够 So if you're innocent, when I had the book here on the Grimm's fairytales 如果你是清白的 当我在这拿着格林童话时 There's one on The girl with no hands, and she has to do, 有一个女孩没有手 但她还是要做各种坏事 all kinds of terrible stuff happens to her even though she's purer that driven snow 发生在她身上的 即使她比雪还纯洁 Her hands are chopped off, all these horrible stuff 她的双手被切掉了 所有的这些坏事 She goes off and suffers probation more than one time 她受过了不止一次的刑罚 And then at one point after a king has married her 但是在一个国王娶了她之后 and had silver hands made for her, she's sent off again with her baby 给她装了银质的手 她和她的孩子又被送走了 and suffers another 14 years of prodation 坐了14年的牢 The king comes back, finds out that she's been driven away so he goes 国王回来了 发现她不见了 And looks for her for 14 years without eating or drinking 所以他就出去寻找她14年不吃不喝 And finally they live happily ever after, after they've done penance 最后在他们忏悔之后过上了幸福的生活 I'm thinking penance 我想想关于忏悔 Penance for what? 忏悔什么呢 Neither one of them did anything wrong? 他们做过什么坏事吗 But if we read the whole tale, it would be a situation like this 但是如果我们读了整个故事 就会是这样 In other words they were involved in wrong through no fault of their own 换句话说 他们没有错 而被卷入错误之中 And they had to do penance to extract themselves 他们必须忏悔才能解脱出来 So Arthur has gonna have to do penance 所以亚色色不得不做些忏悔 And we see here now that we know the latin, 我们看到了 这些拉丁文 This is the end of the second book 这就是第二本书的结尾 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/536312.html