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The gritty mystery is the first show from Chinese streaming video platform Yukou Tudou to get worldwide distribution. 优酷土豆的一部悬疑网剧得到了世界的关注,这是中国第一部走向世界的网剧。 Netflix has acquired its first online drama series produced in mainland China. 奈飞拿到了这部剧在中国大陆的版权。 The U.S. entertainment giant unveiled a deal Thursday with Youku Tudou, the flagship streaming video service of Jack Ma's Alibaba Group, for worldwide rights outside of China to Day and Night, a 32-episode detective drama series. 周二,美国娱乐业巨头奈飞,和马云阿里巴巴旗下的第一大流量视频网站优酷土豆签订协议,买下32集侦探剧《白夜追凶》(Day and Night)的海外版权。 CRItically praised and commercially huge in China, the show has generated more than four billion views on Youku since its local online premiere on Aug. 30. 《白夜追凶》在中国评价颇高,商业价值不菲,8月30日首播就在优酷上获得超过四百万次的点播率。 Day and Night follows the investigation of a grisly unsolved murder. The police detective in charge is recused from the case when it is revealed that his twin brother is the top suspect. Spurned by the suspension, the detective then quits his job — only to be recruited by the new lead investigator as a secret consultant. 《白夜追凶》讲述一桩凶残而尚未破解的谋杀案。负责该案的刑侦员因为双胞胎弟弟是头号嫌犯而被禁止参与调查。停职的打击让他辞了工作,成为新调查员的私家侦探。 The title is a reference to the dual but often uncertain identities of the two brothers — one ostensibly righteous by day, the other allegedly evil at night. Directed by Wei Wang, the series stars Yueming Pan as both brothers. 剧名暗示着双重含义,但是兄弟二人的身份并不明朗——一个白天刚正不阿,另一个夜晚无比邪恶。《白夜追凶》由王伟导演,潘粤明饰演双生兄弟。 Netflix plans to make Day and Night available in all of the 190-plus countries and regions where it is active. 奈飞打算在《白夜追凶》播放期间将它推广到190多个国家和地区。 "We are proud to partner with Netflix in this ground-breaking distribution agreement," said Yang Weidong, president of Youku, Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group. "The cultural industry is undergoing robust growth in China, and I believe the export of high-quality content will help people around the world gain a better understanding of the soft power of China. I'm delighted that Youku can become a pioneer in driving this initiative." 阿里巴巴文化娱乐集团大优酷事业群总裁杨伟东说:“很荣幸能和奈飞合作,共同签订了这份具有突破意义的合同。中国文化产业正蓬勃发展,我相信高品质内容的输出能让世界对中国的软实力有更好的了解。我很高兴优酷在这项事业上成为了领先者。” Netflix has been unable to launch its own services within the massive mainland Chinese entertainment market because of Beijing's restrictions on foreign-owned media channels in the country. Instead, the company has turned to licensing deals in both directions. Last April, Netflix sold the local streaming rights to a batch of its originals to Beijing-based video service iQiyi. 中国政府对国外媒体渠道管控严格,奈飞已无法进入中国大陆蓬勃的娱乐业。因此,奈飞转而投入中外版权事业。去年四月,奈飞将其在中国的原创播放版权卖给了总部位于北京的视频企业爱奇艺。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/536321.html