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Japan has set a date for the abdication of its 83-year-old emperor which, if approved by a cabinet decision, will start a 17-month countdown to the end of his reign. 日本为现年83岁的天皇设定了退位日期,如果得到内阁决议批准,那么距离天皇退位还有17个月。 Broadcaster NHK reported the abdication date for Emperor Akihito had been set for April 30, 2019 on Friday, though this date still requires confirmation by a cabinet decision in early December. 公共广播电视机构日本放送协会(NHK)报道称,本周五,明仁天皇(Emperor Akihito)的退位日期被定为2019年4月30日,尽管该日期依然需要内阁在12月初做出决议进行确认。 The emperor signalled his intention to abdicate last year in an emotional speech that spurred debate on how the world’s oldest royal family should adapt to the modern era. 去年明仁天皇在一次打动人心的讲话中表达了退位意向。这次讲话引发了对世界最古老皇室该如何适应当代的辩论。 Emperor Akihito, who has been treated for cancer and heart problems in recent years, cited his age and failing health in expressing concerns about fulfilling his role, his heavy travel schedule and his ability “to stand by the people”. 近年来一直在接受癌症和心脏问题治疗的明仁天皇表示,考虑到自身年事已高,健康状况每况愈下,担心自己难以履行职责、无法承受繁重的旅行行程以及“和人民站在一起”。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/536323.html