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Now, let's take all this information together and ask: 现在,综合以上所有信息,我们要问一个问题: How can we use it to transmit a memory that I have from my brain to your brains? 我们该如何利用它,把我大脑中的记忆传送到你们的大脑中呢? So we did the following experiment. 我们做了下列实验。 We let people watch, for the first time in their life, 我们在受测者首次观看 a TV episode from the BBC series "Sherlock," while we scanned their brains. 英国国家广播公司的“神探夏洛克”电视节目时,扫描他们的脑部。 And then we asked them to go back to the scanner and tell the story to another person that never watched the movie. 然后我们让他们回到扫描仪前把故事讲给另一个从没看过这部电影的人听。 So let's be specific. 具体来说, Think about this exact scene, when Sherlock is entering the cab in London driven by the murderer he is looking for. 想象一下这个场景:福尔摩斯坐进了伦敦的一辆出租车,而司机正是他寻找的凶手。 With me, as a viewer, there is a specific brain pattern in my brain when I watch it. 对我而言,做为一个观众,当我观看时,脑中有种特定的图像。 Now, the exact same pattern, I can reactivate in my brain again by telling the word: Sherlock, London, murderer. 现在,透过讲述下列几个词语,我的脑中再度激发出同样的图像:福尔摩斯、伦敦、凶手。 And when I'm transmitting these words to your brains now, you have to reconstruct it in your mind. 当我把这些字汇传至你的大脑时,你必须在你的大脑里重建图像。 In fact, we see that pattern emerging now in your brains. 事实上,我们看到那些图像正在你脑中涌现。 And we were really surprised to see that the pattern you have now in your brains 我们当时相当惊讶,在我描述的时候, when I'm desCRIbing to you these scenes would be very similar 你的脑波跟我几个月前 to the pattern I had when I watched this movie a few months ago in the scanner. 看那部片子时被扫描机扫到的脑波非常相似。 This starts to tell you about the mechanism by which we can tell stories and transmit information. 这正是我们说故事和传递信息时的机制。 Because, for example, now you're listening really hard and trying to understand what I'm saying. 因为,举个例子来说,此刻你们听得很辛苦,尝试想要理解我所说的话, And I know that it's not easy. 我知道那并不容易。 But I hope that at one point in the talk we clicked, and you got me. 但我希望在某个顿悟点,我们同步了,你理解我所说的话了。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/536350.html