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创业与企业发展 第170期:提供最大的便利

So the biggest thing that we had to do for remote working is to respect people's time. 所以我们为远程办公的人提供最大的便利就是尊重他们的时间 And so the way we had it set up is we actually had a four and a half day work week at Wufoo. 我们约定每周有4天半的时间在Wufoo工作 Half day on Friday was for all the meetings and stuff. 周五用半天的时间开会,以及其他任何事情 We said like no business deal, meetings, no talking with other outside parties. 我们约定,平常的时候不会有商务会议,不会有派对 They all have to be done on Friday, on that half day. 这些都会被安排在周五那半天的时间里 It couldn't be done in the middle of the week. 其他时间不会做这些安排 And then also one day of everyone was already dedicated customer support. 当然,每人还留出一天的时间做客服 So everyone in our company effectively only had three days each week to actually build or work on whatever they were doing. 所以,Wufoo的员工每周实际上只有三天时间用作自己工作 But I actually firmly believe that if you have three solid days, right, eight to ten hours, 但是,我非常确信,如果每个周有3天实打实的时间每天8-10个小时的时间 where you are only working on what you need to build, you can get a ton of shit done. 来做自己的工作再多的事情也可以完成 And so what we said was, you have to respect everyone's time during that three day period, if they're in that three day period. 所以你必须要尊重员工的时间让他们在三天的时间里去工作 And what we came up with is a 15 minute rule and the way it worked is you can have a discussion like a chat 此外,我们还有一个15分钟的规定15分钟的意思是,你可以聊天 or a phone call or whatever with someone but it could go no longer than 15 minutes 打电话或者是做其他的事情但是这些事情都不能超过15分钟 so if you have some complicated issue that you couldn't figure out we'd say, at 15 minutes you are to immediately table that item. 因此,如果你遇到了什么棘手复杂的事情你不能在15分钟的时间里解决它们 Right and have us discuss it on Friday and you'd move on to the next item on your list right, the enhanced productivity. 那么就要把它放到周五了你要把它搁置一下做另外一间事情 More often than not I, I would say 90% of the time the item never got brought up on Friday 但是通常,90%的事情都没有放到周五 because usually what would happen is people would sleep on it and then they'd just magically say like, 因为通常,他们回去睡一觉第二天 hey I found a solution or like hey that's not a big problem whatsoever 就有解决的思路了 Because most problems inside of companies, they don't need to be solved in real time, or right away. 因为大多数的公司内部的问题没有必要立刻去解决 The only things are like when the site is down, or payments aren't working. 除非是网站崩溃了或者是支付系统瘫痪了 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/536364.html